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can queen elizabeth II be the prime minister if she gets elected??

is that even possible??

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    Absolutely anyone can run for the office of Member of Parliament in their riding (geographic area) with (in Canada) a $ 50 000 fee (and a number of supporting signatures, like 5 000).

    Remember that the PM is just an MP who is elected to leader of the party by members of that party. Citizens do not vote for who they want to be PM; They vote for who they want to be their MP. The leader of the party with the most seats (ea MP wins a seat) in the House of Commons is the PM. It's the same in England, if I'm not very much mistaken.

    Short answer: why would she bother?? She's already the wealthiest woman in the world, bless her. Besides, if she became an MP or the PM, she'd have to do stuff....

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    No, the Queen can never be Prime Minister due to her being of Royal birth, she cannot run for Parliment as she is the figure head of Government. When the Government has to be dissolved to call an election she must give permission. If some reason there is a stay of Government it must be taken to her to adjudicate on.

    Also, she is to serve her subjects as Queen and that is her duty. And it was the public opinion and out cry when Princess Diana died that saw her change Royal protocol to appease the public.

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    Funny. The short answer is...she would have to abdicate first and then run for an elected office. Highly unlikely.

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    Completely impossible. Her Majesty is unable to hold any political or government offices or posts. She cannot even be convicted of any crimes because they are Her laws, and as such is not bound by them.

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    Why not, she'll probably do a better job then Blair and his croonies

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