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If I freeze myself inside a 10x10 cube of ice, will I stay fresh and come out alive after 3000 years?

Warning: Please don't try it at home!

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    You certainly won't be alive. And you might have some freezerburn. But really, when the fluids in your body freeze, they crystalise. These ice crystals will break most, if not all, cells in your body. When you are defrosted, unless every cell in the body could be repaired, you are going to stay dead.

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    see ur body will stay intact

    but ur blood will freezing thus indirectly killing u

    but u wont feel aanething

    after 3000 yrs if people are able to have a technology which can revive people u will be definetly be alive

    but presently nothing as such is available

    so dont try this

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    Probably not, since the process will have killed your cells because ice is not cold enough (ordinary ice is around 273 degrees Kelvin). You need something colder like liquid nitrogen that's less than 100 Kelvin.

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    Enceladus...is correct. Freezing your body means freezing your blood. The freezing process actually causes damage to cells. If you are a frozen embryo then you can be frozen, thawed and re-implanted to develop for birth.

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  • poyner
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    I searched the information superhighway with out fulfillment, I have been given so bored to death i desperate to have a cup of tea. when I went into the kitchen ,to my amazement , when I became on the faucet to fill the kettle, Out got here waiting defrosted ice cubes so i desperate on a rum instead. It exchange into truly complicated to p.c.. them up however.

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    i don't think you can live for 3000 years unless you are a bacteria or something

    may be you won't decay

  • Look at the mammoths

    Are they alive?

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    No, you'll be dead. But you'll interesting to the modern scientist. Ice will rupture your cell's.

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    what planet are u from? I think u have seen that mel gibson movie one too many times.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You will be fresh but i dont think you will be alive.

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