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I have been crying a lot since a few days now. and now my eyes r swollen n i have a fever.?

is it normal?do ppl have a fever wen they cry heaps? cry sob cry sob.........

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    Yes you can get a fever from crying a lot. Crying releases histamines and makes you red and warm. it is signaling to your body something is upsetting your system. Also you may be DEHYRATED. Drink lots of water lay down take some asprin and relax. try to sleep.

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    i'm sorry which you had to ought to make the variety of confusing determination. Fifteen years previous for a canines is a protracted time. a protracted time in the past my mom instructed me that my canines Nicky ( a poodle combination) could be disillusioned to be sure me crying. She could be very unhappy. She pronounced that i attempt to bear in mind her and all the coolest circumstances that we had at the same time. on an identical time as i became nevertheless disillusioned over having lost my canines, her advice helped me. attempt to take some thing like Tylenol P.M. it is going to help do away with the headache and help you to get some plenty mandatory sleep. as quickly as I even have been crying plenty - I in many circumstances bypass rinse my face in chilly water - it merely feels so good and clean. you're able to additionally want to take a warm tub and merely soak and attempt to take a seat down back. bear in mind - issues gets much less stressful as time is going on. good success.

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    yeah, i got swollen eyes and a stuffy nose, but i didnt get a fever..

    Maybe you cried much more then me, and your stuffy nose turned into a cold, which then developed into a fever..

    Try not to cry too much. I was stupid to keep crying and moping over a guy who broke my heart..Please don't do that..It doesn't change a thing, unless he actually sees the state your in, and sstarts to sympathize..

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    If you have been crying it is probably because you are stressed about something. If you get yourself very upset it is bad for your immune system. Too much stress can make you sick. So take some vitamins and try not to be so stressed out.

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    Are you seeing a doc for depression? Have you recently been ill? Are you using drugs? Drinking a lot? I woke up recently with a really stiff neck and the anti-inflammatory meds made me really sad when I quit taking them. This could mean a lot of things for you. Listen to what your body is telling you. If you have to ask us, your probably ready to see the doc.

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    why crying so much hun? sounds like you need to rest and take it easy, u could have a fever and u proably made yourself sick by sobbing so much. get outside and take a walk, that helps.

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    smile, tomorrow is another day and yesterday is tommorow forgotten. Go take a walk outside or a walk through the woods, and look for the simple things in life. The simple things are the ONLY things that matter in this world.

    remember :"its not what you look at, its what you see"- Oscar Wilde

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    Yes it is normal you lose a lot of water out of your body.Making you get a headache/fever.Your eyes get swolen from letting so much water just release from your eyes.

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    well, you might have inadvertently lowered your immune system somehow to allow for a fever, but it could just be coincidence.

    as for your eyes, thats completely normal. there just sore from being over worked.

    im sorry that your not happy and i do hope you feel better. things always get better, just remember that.

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    When you are that stressed out sometimes your immune system takes a break on you. Cheer up. What you need is more cowbell

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