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what is better for a 16 year old first time driver better to drive a 2005 Suberau WRXSti or a 2005 Chevy 2500?

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    You dont deserve either one of those. You cant even spell Subaru, what makes you think you should you get a 30k+ car from them?

    and "Joe H" say american cars suck and would chose the subaru over a chevy? Did you know that Chevy MAKES Subaru? Wannabe know-it-all idiot.

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    If you want the 16 year old to get laid then their both good cars. The STi is super sporty and a chick/guy magnet (If it's a girl no questions go with the STi). The truck gives him/or her the room to make the magic happen if you know what I mean. Seriously, with out a doubt I would buy the Subaru, it's 10x the car that the Chevy is. I hate to say it, but American cars SUCK! I'm an American and I wish I could like American cars I really do, but they can't make a good vehicle to save their life. The Subaru is a better teenage car, it's definitely the perfect college car and I hope this 16 year old is going there, and getting it paid for, if their getting an almost new car as great as an STi. Again to reiterate DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES PURCHASE A CAR FROM AN AMERICAN AUTOMOTIVE MANUFACTURER, until they can learn to make cars that don't break down every other week. After dumping literally 10's of thousand's into repairs for Ford and GM vehicles, I can say with out a doubt buying Japanese (2 Nissan's and a Honda) was the best choice imaginable. The Subaru is from Japan and the clear winner. If your kid is a bad and reckless driver thats the parent's fault for not making the consequences clear enough.

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    Guess i wish i had those two cars to chose when i was 16 years old.

    If you were in Australia the driver is only on there learners at 16yrs so a person that has a open licence with them at all time while driving so i would say drive the wrx

    I not in Australia i would say drive the chevy that way you know they can only have a couple of passengers in it when driving then see how the driver is looking after it and after six months

    let them in the wrx but do this with caution as the wrx 's have taken a lot of lives with young drivers behind the wheel with a car load of friends

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    i'm not sure if this is for yourself or your son or daughter but It seems like you already made up your mind between the two options. I was going to suggest like a starter car like a brand new honda civic or toyota corolla or something like that is affordable and dependable but if youre willing to pay upwards of around 30 thousand dollars then make sure you can afford the payments and insurance will surely not be very cheap especially for a 16 yr. old. If you want to choose between the two, I would suggest to find what kind of driving and activities you will be doing. If you think you will be hauling a lot of stuff once in a while then I would definitely suggest the truck but if youre just going to drive wherever and whenever and would love to have that beast of an engine under your hood then I would definitely go with the WRXSti but please tell this teenager to avoid excessive speeds and activities such as street racing with this car because it is one of the single most dangerous past time of teenagers nowadays.

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    a 2005 Chevy 2500

  • Mark G
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    Go with a cheap car as a starter and look at something different later, getting a new driver, much less a 16 year old, a sports car or a truck is just plain stupid and irrisponcible. Sports cars are to much of a toy, and Trucks, though safer and slower, gives the driver too much of a since of security and usually makes them less perceptive to the activities around them.

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    neither... a 16 yr old should be driving a car that they can buy by themself with a part time job and be able to take care of the upkeep and insurance.... nothing bothers me more than to see a 16 or 17 year old kid dirving around a nice car that you know they're at an extremely high chance of wrapping around a telephone pole. you can find very nice cars that are 6 or 7 years old, that are much cheaper and easier to take care of. wait till college graduation to get the new car.

    good luck

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    You are just asking for trouble aren't you? Should a 16 year old drive a 300hp all wheel drive sports car or a pickup truck? Hmmm, I'd say go with the truck if you want to see them alive and ticket free.

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    in my opinion i think of the upscale 5 sequence is punctiliously irrelevant motor vehicle for a newbie driving force. She does not want a motor vehicle that costly (specific $15,000 is basically too plenty to spend for a primary motor vehicle even if in case you have the money). Your daughter needs 3 issues. She needs protection, she needs financial gadget and she or he needs reliability. The BMW in basic terms fills a form of needs and that's protection. i may be finding at a VW Jetta at a million/2 the fee of a BMW or the Civic or Corolla, automobiles which would be plenty extra low fee to very own and nonetheless server her needs properly.

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    neither...get an older, yet reliable car. I don't care how responsible the kid is, if you get either one of those, ESPECIALLY the subaru, it's going to get beat on. Besides that, how can a 16 y/o afford either of those?? Learn some responsiblity first!!! Imagine what happens the first time one of your friends drive the WRX

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