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Truck drivers and weight problem ,any recommendations?

Im getting ready to go Over the Road pretty soon and do have a weight problem as is not that bad but little over weight so my question is what are the things that u guys could do to stay in good shape and is their any exersizes that u guys would recomend.

Thanks for the help

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    first of all yawhoon is a idiot . i`m 29 ,weigh 150 since high school and haul cattle.and i don`t nead dope to stay this way. 20lbs dumb bells work well while driving done the road. also just getting out of the truck and walking around the truck stop works . don`t forget, you don`t nead to park on the front row every time you stop.the back row is less crowded and farther from the door. crunches and situps in the sleeper work well. remember do 10 of one exercize then 10 of another with a 60 second brake in between. in the end running from a mad cow helps also. the frig in the truck does help a lot and saves on money which you can spend on chrome!!!!!!!!!!

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    I know I'm not a guy, but my husband used to be a trucker, so I know what he went through. My advice would be to have a small fridge on your truck, stocked with healthy foods. They also make a hot pot, that you can make your own meals in. Stay out of the truck stops, as they encourage buffet style dining, which is very bad for your body. Make up a few meals when you're at home, freeze them, then put them in your fridge. It will take them a day or two to thaw, giving you at least 2-3 days worth of eating. This is also way cheaper than eating in truck stops. It also limits the time you'll spend in the truck stop doing things that waste your time & money. Other than that, do as much walking as you can, whenever at a rest stop. Some truck stops have a free weight room too, so you can check to see about that. <*)))><

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    If you already have even a "SMALL" weight "ISSUE"-LOL- that tells me you do not exercise now and you won't exercise on the road either (I drove 4 yrs and gained 100lbs and got high blood pressure and type 2 diabeates ) I saw 2 tread mills in all the time I drove and 1 of them was broken. this is gonna sound like I am a smart alec but the only skinny drivers you see are constantly drinking COFFEE and SMOKING ,bottom line is you are going to ruin your health by driving -either get fat or live on coffe and cigs .The main reason is you can't make money and cheat on your logs and exercise and fight traffic and sleep the 5 hours you are able to sleep -when you arrive at hunts point at 2am and you finally park at 330 and you know you have to be up by 5 to unload just hop out into the 20 degree night air and dodge the muggers to get those push ups in-LOL

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    Swimming fixes everything. If you can't, learn how. Its just a rhythm Swim a slow 1kilometre (20 olympic lengths)2 times a week will only take you an hour or so in the pool. When I was driving outback Australia The best thing to freshen up was to lob up to pool at any little town pay my couple of dollars, have a swim and on hot days jump back in the truck in my wet boardshorts. In winter you will warm up and maybe spend 10 mins in the steam or sauna room. Either way you will bounce out the pool back into the cab.

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    So many exercises. The issue is how much time can sacrifice yourself to do exercises. Whenever you reach any destination, ask for a gym and be a member for the littele days and or hours you will spend in such places and finally ask for assistance from the instructors.

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    Stop eating take Away food, everytime you stop do something, Sitting in a truck all day and night without excersise cant be good for ya, thats why all truckies are fat, they do nothing, and the ones that arn;t are usually on speed.

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    why you drive do not eat the whole entire way

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