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Two questions: How do you download movies and what is the difference between purple and violet?

Details on the downloading of movies because I am clueless as to what it consists of. I specifically want to download Borat.

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    Be patient regarding Borat. It will be out soon enough. Trying to download it now would be illegal and not worth it. There are numerous clips of the movie on-line, so watch those until the dvd comes out. As for purple and violet, violet is a lighter shade. Purple is the main color of which there are many shades: violet, mauve, magenta, indigo and lilac. It's a balance of red and blue.

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    First off, if you want to download Borat, that would be illegal so, for shame, secondly, violet is a shade of purple.

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    go to iTunes to download movies..i don't think you can find Borat legally yet...your gonna have to find a cracked copy of it, which is illegal..

    purple has more red in it.. violet has more blue.

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    Haha Hey, I work for a large public think-tank, and we just want to find out what people generally think of Borat.

    If you could just go to this site

    and just click if you think Borat is "Stupid" or "Funny" that would really be appreciated.

    I'll definitely send you a copy of our final analysis, we've been making some generalizations about WHO LIKES Borat and WHO DOESN'T...and trust me you'd be surprised.

    Thank you so much,

    Bob Salisnky

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    purple is more red and violet is more blue

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