I messed Up, How Do I Fix It.?

I am currently a sophomore in college. And I messed up my first 2 years in school, BIG TIME. My Freshman year was because I was out partying and my grades slipped.

During My Sophomore year, My parents made me move back with them because they said obviously I couldnt keep up with my grades living out on my own.

But my Mom and I dont have exactly the best relationship, not at all. And we fought constantly the whole year, because of my stress with her my grades have slipped even farther. I even failed some classes, because the week before I had to take my final exams, I finally got kicked out of my parents house, and was so stressed about that, that I bombed almost all my exams.

Now, I am out of my parents house, with my own place now, and I have (been) stopped partying. I want to get my academic career straight, and graduate to get my degree, but I have no Idea how to to go about fixing the mess I made. My G.P.A is a mess.

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    It is the best thing that you have realized your mistake and had decided to work hard.I think it marks the beginning of upgrading of your marks.

    The next thing is that you should not forget what you have determined .

    hard work is the the next basic requirement.

    studying with a timetable will help you a lot .

    since you have wasted two crucial years of yours you got to work harder so that your future grade are strong enough to suppress your earlier performance.

    strictly say no to parties.

    make a new friend circle in which all are really concern about their career .

    keep yourself updated with the latest news & tech.sometimes this counts more than academic performance.

    do not indulge yourself with studies so much that you are caught by some mental disease. find some time for entertainment also but remember that you have enjoyed for two years and the result is before you.

    At last all the best for your future

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    What you need to do is prove that you really have changed your was and start studying real hard and bring your grades up. I know for myself my GPA wasn't so great my first couple of years in college until I spent most of my time and my University's Library - finding a quiet place - and reading and doing my homework in the quite of those surrounding. When I managed to get enough money together I bought a cheap laptop and started typing my papers in the library too or I found a quiet coffee house on campus. By the end of my undergraduate career I was making dean's list ever semester and I had brought my GPA into the B range. What matters is that you need to start putting in the effort - I will be the first to admit it took me two semesters until I got my GPA up to a decent level (or I should say what I thought was decent) but you can do it if you work at your studies and stop making excuses to why you weren't doing well. Just do it.

    Good Luck!!!

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    Well sorry to say this your just going to have to in a way start over. I would go to your advisor and find some classes that you can take that will "boost" you G.P.A. Your college should have a policy that if you take a class over and recieve a better grade the bad grade will get dropped and the new grade will go in its place. That might add a few more years on to your graduation date since you are in your third year but a sophomore in standing grade wise. That is about all I can think of to help you. I would go to your advisor and talk about taking some classes over. I hope this helps

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    I think you should start over again, and retake the classes in which you failed or got a grade lower than a C. You should be able to retake classes. Try to concentrate on getting a good grade and go to a quiet place to study like the library. If all goes well your gpa would improve.

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    wow ur in a doozy...but u have to represent for black people girl...focus...

    first thing make a schedule fill it out and abide by it that is the most important thing.

    stop blaming ur parents for what u did wrong

    surround urself with a good crowd

    find a quiet place

    study for 3 hours a day separate times though

    and when u do things dont think of the time that goes into it.

    the schedule is the most essential thing though, u have to set aside ur laziness and really do it. once it is finished i garuntee that u will abide by it. i had to shape up as well after i got my report card for my 1st semester. and i feel now with this schedule that i am goign to blow my second semester away.

    i wish u the best of luck and i really hope that everything goes well...another thing prayer always works whether ur problems have to deal with home or school...it is always a good alternative, but u still have to have the will power to try.

    again GOOD LUCKK!! i know u can do it!!

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    Quit blaming other people for your lack of effort and do the work.

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    I would say you should start partying again..

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    keep your heads down and focusing on your work,then you can make a difference

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