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How do I present a list of published works to potential employers?

Hi everyone,

I have a list of pieces that I've sold or written under contract and I am currently pursuing publishing and journalism type positions in a very difficult job market (Michigan). I want to make sure I am able to present additional information during an interview.

After college (2003) I made a portfolio type thing in a binder, but it seems to be kind of awkward and employers, while impressed, tended to peruse through it very quickly. They were more interested in a list of where I worked, so I thought about making a list of what I've published instead of a portfolio.

Do you have anything like this? Is there any type of industry standard? What would you suggest?

Lastly, what should I do about published article titles that give away things such as political affiliation? I write on politics and Irish-American issues frequently, and from my list you could easily deduce that I am an Irish-American liberal.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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