dress up games for girls?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    when i was younger we went to the mall for my birthday and split into like 4 teams with like 5 girls on each team, then we got a scavenger list and a disposable camera, on the list was different types of outfits like formal, punk, preppy, sporty, granny, and stuff like that after everyone was done(we had a time limit) we went to walmart got the film developed went and ate at chili's and my mom and some of the other girls moms judged the pictures and everyone on the team that had the best pictures got tiffany bracelets.... that was a fun party even though my team didnt win lol

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    My daughters love The Doll Palace fashion games... Here is the link to games: http://www.thedollpalace.com/doll-maker/dress-up-g...

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    as a party game u could have a huge pile of clothes for both teams and then u give em 1min abd see how much one girl in d team has articles or clothing on

    or u could give them bits and bobs of clothing and make-up that u would never wear and give them 5mins and tell them to create a fabulous look or a totally weird one it depends..its up to u

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    idk why, but its really addicting...but hundreds and hundreds of dress up games!

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