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Why do most of the audience members of the Maury show look like they've been in a hip-hop video?

The majority look 25 years old and younger,when Maury is darn near 70.


Gotcha junglista.Many groups have people dressed like they're in hip-hop(I live in Chicago,I see it all), so don't stereotype.One more thing,it's not your retarded,it's YOU'RE retarded.Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Update 2:

Manicdetr,I got you too. I've seen White guys taking paternity tests on the show as well.Come on man,we're in America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    They're all really workers on the show. If you look closely in every episode, they're all the same people.

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    Don't know.

    Sorry, mistakenly have paused on the "Maury 'Who's your baby's daddy' show ", and quickly -- as quick as I could, changed the channel. Tried not to notice much beyond that (attempting to retain some level of political correctness).

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    I think it is because he does the same shows all the time so he is going to attract the same kind of audience. He offers no variety in his shows so they only appeal to certain people. And it has nothing to do w/ stereotypes.

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    Because you're white and ignorant, and have obviously never seen a black person in an audience before. wooooooooow... take a look around, you sheltered r tard. looks like there are more problems in this world than can be solved by charles schwab and your parent's insurance agent, huh?

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    lol. they ship them in from the ghettos so they can get all loud and boisterous when the results of the paternity test come in

    Source(s): you ARE the father!
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    His age has nothing to do with the audience, that he attracts, they don't hand out tickets according to your age.

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    Geeeez..... I just figured that they were all Maury 'groupies'.

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