Can an emacipated minor own a business and enter into contracts?

Specificaly in Kentucky or Tennessee

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You need a guardian to run your business , one who has legal capacity to represent you in all transactions and dealing. Guardian, or representative or agent must conform to requirements of the law more than the principal in order to be qualified to perform an act.

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  • mabee
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    3 years ago

    i'm uncertain approximately Tennessee or Kentucky, besides the undeniable fact that, Florida doesnt truly realize it. I have been given married at sixteen(had to be emacipated first, of direction), yet i could no longer even hire an condo, simply by fact they stated that underage minors couldnt enter right into a criminal settlement. Even once I produced a marriage license, the respond grow to be nevertheless no. i've got additionally got here across that with maximum automobile condominium agencies, they decline to enable me hire a automobile under 21. They didnt know i could desire to enhance 2 little ones, be married for just about 5 years, and help a husband deployed with the army. maximum states wont known human beings under 18 as "adults" except there's a co-signer it truly is over 21 engaging interior the deal.

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