How do I approach...?

A gay/bi guy that I like and I want to make-out with him... just the 2 of us.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    This is a tricky one. You could always just tell him. He might be waiting for you to say the same thing. If not maybe you could sms him or take him out somewhere even if it is with friends. I'm not sure how you can do it. I was lucky because I got to know my girlfriend through a friend of mine.

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    Someone told me once that when you really want to make out with someone, the best approach is to ask them to go for coffee (for example) and really tell yourself that that's all you want to do with them. Don't think about the making out part too much, you'll just lose your nerve. It takes practice. You kind of have to pretend that you don't really want to make out with them. It makes it less intimidating. Think: we're just going for coffee. Be in the moment: this is important. If you're meant to make out with him, it will happen. I'm always a bit surprised when I start making out with someone, which is kind of nice. It's one of those weird things, the more you think about it, the less likely it is to happen. Do casual stuff, hang out with him, have a few drinks, go to a movie, anything. If he's interested, all of a sudden, one minute you'll be talking and the next you'll be making out. This is the approach that works for me, anyway. It's sort of intuitive. The whole asking someone thing has never worked very well, for me anyway. I don't know if I've ever told someone I wanted to make out with them, or asked them to make out with me, and I've made out with a lot of people. A lot. Good luck.

  • It is simple you need to talk to him tell him how you are feeling and then let him tell you how he is feeling, if he likes you to then all is well but if it doesn't work out, there is aways other men out there that will be able to help you from thinking about this other guy and make you feel like you are the world to them.

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    is this the best friend question I've already answered? Not sure that that is going to happen. deal with it.

    Alternatively, ask him - and run the risk of losing your friendship with the guy.

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  • 1 decade ago

    i know how you feel dude.

    are you guys close or not.

    if you guys are close.. just loosen teh situation up a bit. joke around. get closerr. than.. confess! then kiss him.

    if he doesnt know you.. then make it a point for him to notice you. flirt with him in teh most indirect ways.

    if he's staright.. make him gay!


    use all what you have to get him.

    im sure you'll be happy with him one dayy.

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