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what causes a toilet to sweat and drip water all over the floor and how can you prevent it?

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    Assuming the toilet is in good operating condition....

    A toilet or its tank will drip due to condensation on the porcelain.

    Due to the temperature difference between the water, the toilet and tank and the room.

    A small dehumidifier might help.

    I have a "water snake" I use. It's a long tube like thing that I lay behind the toilet. It absorbs a great deal of water. When full up...wring it out as best you can and put it back down. You will know when it's full when water starts to pool by it. You see these "water snakes" in many catalogs and can be found online by using your search engine. Here's the link to the one I have.

    I hope this helped! :)

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    Assuming you don't have a leaky hose or a cracked tank, it's probably because the water in the tank is too cold. Usually there is a mixing valve that basically mixes hot and cold water before it goes into the tank to prevent condensation.

    If you have a mixing valve (usually located in the basement/crawlspace under the bathroom or back closer to the hot water heater) the hot water side may be clogged, especially if you have hard water, and should be replaced.

    If you don't have a mixing valve, a plumber should be able to install one fairly easily, otherwise your best bet is to insulate your toilet. Toilet insulation kits can be bought at any home improvement/plumbing supply shop for less than $20. Insulation probably won't stop all the condensation, but may at least help a bit.

    EDIT: Here's a site with some more info and pictures:

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    Well I or my friends have never heard of some of these. If your toilet is sweating that much you have something wrong, your flushing way to much or the toilet is leaking and refilling without flushing.

    I have never in 47 years run into this problem. Call around. I would be careful of a supposed "mixing valve" whatever? if it's connected to a hotwater source and to your toilet there could be problems with hot water pressure overcoming cold pressure and scalding. I did see this in the Army once with a boiler backing up into the toilet.

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    Only can be a couple of things, the rubber connection on the S Bend is leaking or the tap is leaking, both of these are on the bottom of ur toilet. If its coming out the top of the Cistern the float level is probably set incorrectly.

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