Is Spy Sweeper a Safe Program?

I have downloaded Spy Sweeper (freetrail) from after noticing the mass amount of users downloading it, but I have noticed a couple of times after installing it I have been receiving warnings that my computer was trying to access sites that have viruses right after booting up my computer. I already have McAfee and the scan doesnt find any viruses. My main Question: is Spy Sweeper a safe program(today It told me that i had a infected program in my TEMP folder, I found it and when i exited Spy Sweeper, it disappeared(I exited Spy Sweeper while looking at my TEMP folder) Its weird because its just a free trail and it wont let me get rid of the spywares and viruses that it claims it Scanned until I buy it.

If it is a bad program I am worried it will leave me a virus after I uninstall.

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    I doubt that it is unsafe, but I would recommend SpyBot, which is also begotten from I use it and have gotten rid of crap that built up in my computer from the p2p programs. If you get one that says you need to buy it to actually get rid of the stuff, then scrap the program, find another one. On you can always look at others' reviews of each program.

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    i would un install it..... we had a hard time with spy sweeper too, the free trial sends spam and spyware (odd, huh....) to you, and it wont stop until the program is deledted.... now, when you un install, and it asks you if you want to delete the infected files, SAY NO..... all it does is quarantine them, and if you delete system files that have been quarantined you'll have to reinstall them, and it's just a total pain in the butt... if they were caught once, they'll be caught again.

    i would go to and download spybot s&d and adaware and avg free edition virus scanner..... they're great. and 100% free. they caught things on my work pc's that norton and macafee didn't catch... i'll never go back!!!! lol the big guys are all talk and pretty pictures,, but i personally care about the protection!!!

    good luck!!!

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    Spy Sweeper is just a program to detect spyware, malware, etc. but I don't think viruses are included in it's scope of support.

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    It is undoubtedly safe, but it is probably trying to force you to buy it by making your computer act weirdly. I will recommend using Windows Defender(of Microsoft) and AdAware(Lavasoft) together for a completely safe computer. Both are free, and Defender even has a real-protection. I also like the new Norton anti-spyware in the Yahoo! Toolbar for Internet Explorer. I have created its desktop shortcut and use it like any other anti-spyware.

    P.S. Defender requires genuine Windows.

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    Yes it is an excellent and safe program, one of the best anti-spyware programs. I have used it for years.

    Unforturnatly, it is not free or even cheap.

    McAfee is an anti-virus and SS is an anti-spyware, the two should be finding different things.

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    It seams to be a good program. If you need, I can give a few links that offer free virus and spyware removers...!You may be having a virus or spyware installed on your PC. Norton, AVG , Avast are free antivirus software. Ad-aware, Ewido are free spyware removers. You can download free softwares at and

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    if its a program called webroot spysweeper then its a great tool dont worry about it its a very legit program

    Best Buys computer techs called GEEK SQUAD make a killing selling you that program and Norton anti virus on new systems.

    McAfee is a very evil programs that does not play well with other programs especially virus scanners i would try something else.

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    it is a safe program and has some good reviews, but has some problems with it

    uninstalling and other problems i have heard about

    the trial from what i understand will not remove anything that it finds

    i would get adaware

    se personal its free

    get update, reboot and do a full scan

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