wife and i are trying to have baby!!!?

due to medical problems i cant we both have talked about invetro also have talked about letting another person insimniate her what do you all think is it a good idea we both want children really bad is it good or bad idea???

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    If the problem is that you're "shooting blanks" then option of letting someone else inseminate her is kind of moot. In that case, even the in vitro fertilization would be using some other fella's seed.

    Some guys have a problem with the thought of their wife carrying a child that isn't genetically theirs. If that's the case with you, then you might want to look into adoption. There's a lot of kids out there who could use a good home. If you don't have a problem with not being the genetic father, I'd suggest the in vitro procedure. There's a world of difference emotionally between having your wife's egg combined with some other guy's sperm in a dish versus between the sheets. The latter is almost always a recipie for total relationship disaster.

    Now, if you and your wife are both seemingly fertile but you still can't "seal the deal", take heart--there are a lot of options that are less costly and invasive than in vitro fertilization available to you. Have your doctor (or hers) give you both a referral to a fertility specialist. It took my wife and I almost two years of various treatments before her first successful pregnancy. It can be a real PITA at times, but the end result makes it all worthwhile.

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    If you mean to use donor sperm (and not let another guy actually "bang" her as someone else pointed out), that's certainly an option. I would guess it would be cheaper than IVF, but it also comes with the stigma of you (and your wife for that matter) knowing that that baby is actually only hers biologically. When women start going through all the pregnancy changes, it can be isolating enough on the man. In this situation it may cause an additional feeling of remoteness in you for the baby. It might not, of course, but that's something you would have to consider seriously and discuss with your wife so that you were both prepared for it.

    Depending on what's preventing you medically from having kids, IVF could work also, but you'd have to talk with a doctor for the details and if it would work for you. It gets expensive, but it wouldn't exist if people weren't willing to pay for it in order to be able to hold something that they knew came from them.

    If you both want children that badly, look into options that might suit your situation. And if you decide that the uncertainty of sucess and/or the cost would be too much, by all means, adopt. I know it's possible to take something not your own and love it with all you have, and this way, you and your wife would both be in the same boat, the child would "belong" to each of you equally.

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    IVF is a long hard road with no guarantees of success.

    You could let another person inseminate her but only you know how you would feel to know the child is not biologically yours.

    Why not consider adoption? There are so many children out there that have been neglected and discarded that are desperate for a loving home.

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    it may not seem so bad now... but what are you going to do when letting your wife be w/ another man ruins your marriage and you have a baby thats not quite yours?

    I would try invetro or adoption... have you tried med's to get ur sperm count up?

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  • 1 decade ago

    invetro is extremely expensive and may not work the first time. there is always adopting?

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    Is it medically impossible for you and your wife to convieve?

    Another to enseminate your wife? Discuss it to its fullest.

    Are you prepared to witness your wife and another man conceive? Once might not be enough.

    Are you truly prepared for this?

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    What you do is go in the bathroom for a couple of hours then find out is she obulating then if she say yea thenhere comes the baby

    Source(s): i have three kids i know how to work it hope the wife know how to work it out like me
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    use invitro...dont let another man dip the honey.

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    Sure, Go for it, but be sure its something you really want

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