Why can't I sleep after confrontation, with boss?

I do not sleep when I have a confrontation with my boss, because she does not listen to what I say, and makes me feel as if I do not know my job. I am stressed out when I work and feel that I am walking on egg shells, and feels as if she has someone watching me when I work.


the deal is that I do like the company I work for just not the boss, I do fine that it is better in the other stores I work in and the other store manager will not let me quit because she likes me and I do well in my job. but she will not transfer me because my boss will thinks that she has won and try to get away with more things and mess things up even more.

Update 2:

we both got up set at each other and it got heated, it seemed that she did not want to hear what I had to say, but made sure I heard what she had to say. Told me that I had an attitude. I about walked out but I did not give her the satifaction of doing it.

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    You are suffering from stress. Did you know half the workers compensation claims are stress related from bullying and harassment in the workplace. Your boss is controlling you and this is a form of bullying. If she is not careful you actually have a legal recourse against the employer. Submit a grievance against her or at the very least tell her you will not be accepting the situation. If she sacks you off to the doctor you go for a few sessions with the analysis on workers compensation. If it gets real bad, see an attorney. Just remember one thing, this is not an acceptable workplace practice.

    Source(s): http://psychic-aus.com/harassment.html Preventing workplace bullying and harassment.
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    No job is good enough to make you suffer. Find a different job, ditch the one you have now. I know it's not as easy said as done, but if you really try hard to look for another job you will find it!

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