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contractions confusion?

hi i had my membrane sweep 3 days ago and have lost my mucus plug. In the middle of the night i had 2 hours of really painful contractions at 8 minutes apart. they were painful in my front and back and i had to take paracetamols and a water bottle to ease pains. now they have virtually stopped and im having the odd scattered ones does anyone know what this indictaes and if this can happen during true labour?

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    This is exactly what happened to me when I went into labor, I lost the plug, and had horrible cramping/pain, then it was just random contractions all about. Your not in lets say "active" labour yet, but you are technically not far from it. the contractions should get closer together, and if it's anything like mine sometimes they'll be slight crampage, and other times it will be mind boggling pain.

    I wish you the best of luck !

    and congrats!

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    During exams like you had it causes some contractions like that, but don't worry. the sporadic contractions you are feeling are braxton hicks contractions which are kind of like practice contractions for the real thing. real ones are much more uncomfortable. real ones get stronger and closer together as time progresses. I experienced braxton hicks from 4 months on and it is normal at any time during your pregnancy. if you are a high risk pregnancy though you may want to be a little more aware of your body changes.

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    Has your water broke? If it has you should go to the hospital. It could also very possibly be the Braxton-Hicks contractions. Try relaxing with your feet up or walk around and if the contractions continue regardless of what you do, your in real labor.

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