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Why do I constantly have to re-peat myself to my girl?

When I tell her to do something she gives give me that I am a stupid **** look. I should not have to micromanage every moment of her life. She is a mature woman who knows what I expect of her. There is no excuse for her to behave this way. How do I get her to realize that she will never be the lead dog so her scenery will never change?

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    You shouldnt talk to your girlfriend like in orders and have to respect her. If you want her to do something just say it nicely and say please..and when she does it say thank you.

    Sometimes maybe you do the stuff you want done your own.

    It wont hurt to do it your self..or to say please and thank you.

    If you have manners and respect her more..thing will change..because then she'll know you respect her.

    right now she probably just feels like your bossing her around and like she has to act like your maid.

    When my patner says something to me that makes me feel like it was an order or whatever i dont do it..unless he says sorry for talking like that and then asks again saying please.

    Its not that hard...i do it to my boyfriend sometimes to when i get angry at him.

    But other times we both say please and thank you when we have asked for something.

    You should try it . Goodluck.

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    This is a joke right? I would have thought a guy who talks like that to his girlfriend would be ashamed for other people to know. Well, you should be. I hope she comes to her sense and kicks your sorry *** into the next state.

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    When will you realize you are a dog just not the leader?

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    Drop her! Future problems pending.

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    u hav absolutly no right to tell her what to do... no wonder she gives u that look... u r darn lucky that she doesnt dump ur sorry a**... seriously stop telling her what to do... she doesnt need u to micromange her life... she needs a guy who is going to treat her with respect not one that is going to treat her like a slave... ek.. what is WRONG WITH YOU!

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    Dump that biitch and get a hooker. You won't even have to say a word them. Good luck

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    wait a second you TELL her to do things like what chores? well i wonder why she gives you that look she`s NOT YOUR MAID YOU AS*HOLE

    Source(s): you don`t control woman or order them around they have their own free will
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    maybe you need a trained terrier, not a girl/

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