I have a 60GB ipod video. HELP PLEASE!!!!!?

I am trying to put this movie i ripped off a dvd on my ipod. i already hav some videos and movies on my ipod but this movie wouldnt go on my ipod. the movie is mp4 format. My itunes accepted it in the movies section but when i drag the movie into my ipod, i simply drag it and drop it onto my ipod but when i click on my ipod to see if the movie is there, it isnt there. I dont get any error messages or anything. plese help me

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    In answer to the person above - you CAN put a DVD into an ipod - simply by ripping the movie itself from the dvd to your pc. Then just convert it.

    To the poster:

    When you ripped the movie off the DVD how did it save?? Did you just rename the extension to .mp4? I can't express how grateful I am upon coming across WinAVI Ipod Video Converter. It converts movies fast and easy (very user friendly) so that its ready to use on your ipod. I have a 30GIG Ipod and I have tons of movies in there. I would suggest that you check out that software. After converting it, simply import to your library - drag/drop.

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    sure, it lasts longer on battery, in spite of the undeniable fact that it is likewise extra inexpensive. you could spend the extra money on upload-ons? and that i propose 80 gigs? who has that plenty music and despite in case you do, how lots of the songs do you even pay attention to? like approximately a hundred of them are your well-liked. i had some ipods interior the previous, so i comprehend. i've got been given the 30 one too. it wasn't as good because it regarded. (like the razr). in any case. i think of a mp3 participant is a extra helpful investment. additionally, the ipod battery dies oftentimes in step with annum, nicely relies upon on how long you apply it to a every day foundation. good success. :)

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    You can't put DVDs on a iPod. They haven't created an iPod that can do that.Sorry I can't help.=(

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