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One morning when I woke up I noticed that one of my breasts was about an inch and a half lower than the other.

This isn't something that I have overlooked and just noticed. Not to toot my own horn, but I have some pretty nice breasts if I do say so myself. I'm very aware of their appearence. I'm 35 years old, have a ten yr. old son. What's strange about this situation is that they're not like that everyday. It's very random. Any ideas? Please advise. I've never had and know I need to have a mammagram and I will soon.

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    The human body is not symetrical and neither are breasts, even though as a total picture it looks as if it is. Most breasts are not in perfect alignment and will have an inch or so difference in their positioning. This is normal. The randomness of this may be due to your breasts being more full on some days than on others, say, around the time of your period, becomming more engorged. Just to rule out any negative possibllities, I would recommend a mammagram or ultrasound to check for any possible irregularities. There is also a procedure called a Breast Thermography which uses heat instead of X-Ray and is a much more healthy option to the mammagram. If you chose this option, be sure that the technician is "certified". There is a credentialing agency that does this and I'm sure that if the technician is, there will be a credential on the wall indicating so. It should also be on their lisence to practice. Good luck. Oh...and I'm glad you like your breasts.

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    Its gravity !! Gravity always wins in the end.

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