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can anyone suggest a good diet pill?

ive been doing research but i dont know who to beleive cause everyone says something different. does anyone have a good expeirience with any specific pill?


please answer with as many datails as possible thanks!

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    I dont know anything about weight loss stuff. But listen carefully. Muscleteck supplements are WASTE OF MONEY. Dont try hydroxycut period. Try a different brand.

    Source(s): I wasted too much money on muscle teck products that suck
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    Try psyllium fiber. It's so far the best fiber in the world. 1 teaspoon of it is equivalent to 14 teaspoon of oats they say. Take it 30 minutes before meals, morning and night. It is also best for diabetics, cleans out your intestine and others. If your not using the pill form, put 1 tablespoon in one half warm water and drink immedietly before it turns into jelly then follow it up with 1 glass of warm water. Drink a lot of water (@ least 8 glasses). It's what I'm using actually. Of course the result is not like magic.

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    A friend of mine had remarkable success on Stacker 2.

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    No. Most are loaded with blood pressure hiring nonsense. Go with standard, conventional techniques.

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    well...i depends, Hydroycut is what i use, Im a guy so it works for me. Helps you burn fal and controls your appite, and you see results if you work out...gals i would recomend trimspa or something esle, but be sure to exercise...

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