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Dealing with Monsters in a 3 year olds mind....?

My son has only just started being scared of monsters. We started out by putting on lights, and scaring the monsters away. We also had a protector teddy that he slept with. All went well for about a week, now that is not good enough and we simply cant get him to sleep. Anyone have any advice as to what we can do to help him out long term.

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    Take a clean, clear spray bottle and fill it with water and a drop or two of food coloring (Green is good for monster killing, the drop or 2 won't stain anything, either), you can also add a drop pf scent if you think that might help (Eucalyptus smells like it could kill just about anything) make a label that says 'Ryan's Monster Spray' and explain to him that when he thinks there is a monster around, all he has to do is spray the spray at it and it will dissolve the monster instantly and forever.

    This lets him have a little more control over things and may help.

    Good luck.

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    Ok make the little guy some "MONSTER SPRAY" to do this you take an old spray bottle and put a little febreeze in it so it smells good. Monsters dont like nice smells. Then let him spray the room before bed so the monsters cant come in his room at all. You can spray the teddy so he has extra protection. Let him keep the spray in his room for his own peace of mind. This usually works really well for most three year olds.

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    Try to deal with him as a little adult if you can. Obviously he doesn't comprehend in the same way adults do, but kids tend to be sharper than we give them credit for.

    Maybe try to find out why he thinks there are monsters. (Is there something in the room that moves? Is there a noise he is afraid of?) Then you can tackle the real issue. i.e. Maybe the heater comes on loudly and he thinks its a monster. Then, if you know, you can listen for the heater during the day and compare the noises... show him the heater, let him turn the thermostat on and off and hear what is making the noise, etc. Just be careful not to plant these ideas in his head... let him do the talking.

    I sort of agree with one of the other answers. Although the monster spray, etc. is cute, its affirming for him that there ARE monsters. So, I'd say be careful with that. But giving him a sense of control is a great idea, so maybe the flashlight concept is a good one so he can see for himself nothing is there.

    Whatever you do, good luck. Its so tough seeing your little man afraid! Just remember to respect his fears and be compassionate. I have a fear of spiders and, no matter how logical I am or how many times someone tells me there's nothing to be afraid of, I still dislike them! Its the same with him. Saying there's no monsters is a good step, but he's got to believe it in his own time.

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    What I did with my kids and still do with one of them is I gave them a small spray bottle (after i put "monster spray on it) and pretended like I got it from a store and told them that all they had to do was spray it in there room before bed and wed spray it everywhere and if they woke up in the middle of the night and thought they needed more they could spray it...yea i had to fill up the bottle secretly a lot and pretend like I bought it new but it helped long as they didnt know it was just water in the bottle they were fine....thats just a can try it if youd like....hope that helps good luck

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    I taught my son to go and jump on the monster and put it in the bin at 3yrs. We also watched Monsters Inc movie and decided that monsters arent all ways scary. We also have a book called Monsters under the bed which tackles the issue very effectively. If he is having night mares and afraid going to bed best to build up confidence gently. eg put him in bed, story etc. leave him for a min, and gradually build up time he stays in his room on his own until he can fall asleep comfortable. May take a while....but keep at it. this method took me roughly 5 nights with my son but it worked.

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    first of all leaving the light on and giving him a teddy just makes him think that there really are monsters. thats why he is still afraid. this is what you do. tell him there are no monsters, that monsters are all just pretend. like on halloween when he pretended to be ( whatever he was) he was not really ( whatever) he was himself the whole time. but he was pretending to be ( you know) that will help him see the difference between pretend and real. good luck

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    Try "monster spray" - put water in a spritz bottle, add a little bit of scent. Spray in the room - under the bed, closet, wherever. This will help empower him that it will KEEP the monsters away, not that you have to get rid of those that he thinks are already there.

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    Why not go down the local video shop and get some videos where monsters are portrayed as friendly and cuddly. A few videos like that and he wont be scared any more.

    It worked for us!

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    I think he's realised that this is a good way to get mum and dad's attention at bed time.You really need to nip it in the bud . Maybe do as the other poster suggested and make up a magic spray ,then spray it before you turn the lights out and then leave dont keep going back. He's playing you now.

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    well my question to you is what are you exposing him too that makes him fear monsters? I too have a three yr. old and he watches only cartoons suitable for his age level...they do still have "monsters" in them, like dragons and robots, but he imagine plays and hasn't shown any fear....

    I would try a solid consistent bedtime routine with him, since night time seems to be the issue, reassure him that you are always there if he needs you, give him a nightlight, "check" the room with him before bed and do "listening walks" if noises in the night bother him

    best of luck, our kids are precious and I understand your worry

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