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If you had a chance, what would you ask Dr.Stephen Hawkings or Albert Einstein?

On Neurotheology

Creation did it happen or not

The Universe

His concept of God

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    I would definitely ask them how they reach through their great observations. What course of thinking and what series of logics had they applied when they were going through their incomplete findings and observations which are in a form of a complete theory before us now.

    I will also ask them that how they overcome the doubts created in their work.

    I like to know these things because it is not their observations and their great findings only, which make them such a great legend. It is also their thought process and their ability of coming over through their problems.

    And the best lesson one can take from them is this 'art of solving problems'.

    Because it is not their theories and their postulates but their unusual ability to think over their questions which can make U a great man in life.

    isn't it.

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    i ought to go the two way. i'm desirous approximately such organic brilliance. The notice "clever" does not do the two of them justice, yet Einstein replaced into in all risk smarter and had a much wider variety of fulfillment. he will additionally constantly be a larger pop way of existence icon. yet, i visit go with Stephen Hawking. i like the underdog, and Hawking has had to triumph over lots extra together with his ALS.

  • i would present to him the equation for folding space then ask him if it were possible to actually carry out said equation.

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    einstein ; what's up with the hair dude !

    stephen hawkins ; were you really a cross dresser, and now that you know that everything you stated is a fantasy and unfounded and proven to be wrong, does that make you a fraud ?

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    i would ask: " Can u crush ur brains so people in the future wont have 2 go 2 skool?" haha

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    I'd have to ponder that

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    Gettin any? lol

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