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Fav Stephen King book? And movie?

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    I loved "It" (book) and...J.Nicholson was great in "The Shining"!

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    That's a difficult one. I think my favorite book would be the last book in The Dark Tower series, not because it is the best of his books, but because I read the whole series and waited so long for the conclusion, and the end was absolutely 100% satisfying. I read the first Dark Tower book when I was a teenager, and he wrote at the beginning of the book that it would be the 1st book in a trilogy. However, the series ended up spanning 7 books, and there was 22 years between the first book being published and the last, and it frustrated me so badly that every book was STILL not the end!! But... He wrote the ending of the series perfectly, and it made all the years I had been waiting so well worth it.

    The Stand and Insomnia are also very very very close 2nd's.

    favorite movie hands down is "The Shawshank Redemption." I own it and I still watch it every time it comes on TV.

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    Book: The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon

    Movie: The Shawshank Redemption

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    The Green Mile and Misery fantastic movies!!

    Carrie - great book

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    The Stand for book

    Stand by Me for movie

    although I gotta give an honorable mention to the episode of Battleground done for Nightmares and Dreamscrapes, I thought it was well done and that was my favorite King short story growing up

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    Book: Pet Semetary (Such a page turner)

    Movie: Misery

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    What a great question, but it's going to be hard to choose!

    Book: The Talisman (I just noticed that's it's in production to be a tv miniseries)

    Movie: The Dead Zone because it stars my favorite actor, Christopher Walken.

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    Rose Red

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    Fave movie was Shawshank Redemption. Fave novel was probably Needful Things (but it depends which day you ask me, lol). I really love all of the short story compliations.

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    Misery and The Shining.

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    Dammit! it truly is a toughie! simply by fact, while they are solid,they are very very solid, and while they are not, they stink! i might could desire to assert someplace between The Stand and the two variations of Salem's Lot,yet I lean greater in the direction of The Stand simply by fact it grow to be brilliantly accomplished and so uncomplicated to the unique paintings. the solid grow to be surprising and,even havine to video demonstrate over numerous nights grow to be no biggie,the story grow to be and is that eye-catching

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