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I want to download movies...?

I have a thumb drive with me....

Is it possible for me to download any movies, for free, and save it into my thumb drive...

Please help...

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You prolly wouldn't have enough room on those. You could go to Wal-Mart of someplace like that and buy an external harddrive.

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    1 decade ago


    Its really easy. You need to use BitTorrent.

    Here, first of all, go to this website and download a free BitTorrent client called ABC:

    If the link doesn't work, go to Google and search for the keywords "ABC BitTorrent Download"

    Now tha you have sucessfully downloaded and installed, ABC, its time to download some "Torrents". With torrents, you can download movies, softwares, games, books, music and everykind of file. Plus, its really safe, not like Kazaa or other P2P File Sharing programs.

    Now, to search for programs and other stuff, go to a torrent website and try to find the software or movie or whatever you are looking for:

    Here: ---> --- I really recommend you Demonoid, its the best one and you can see what other users way about other torrents. Its the best torrent site, I believe. However, you need to register, and registration is only open on Fridays, so don't miss that, I find almost any software for Macintosh there, and for PCs there is even even even more. I downloaded Windows XP, Vista ( Beta ), Adobe full collection of softwares, Office, and all the expensive programs. Its great hope you enjoy it.

    Hope this was pretty helpful to you. Have a nice day and a happy new year.

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    1 decade ago

    Depends on the size of the thumb drive and quality of the movie; generally movies can be anywhere from 700MB to 2 or 3 GB depending on their quality.

  • 1 decade ago

    If your talking about full length movies, they are generally a gigabyte large, which is quite massive for a flash drive (only 1 movie on a common 1gb drive)...however, music video movies its a possibility

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You can use the following ways to download the movies. You can save them either directly into the thumb drive or to a hard drive and then copy them to the thumb drive.

    For downloading you can use these methods:

    The best option to download is to use the Torrent technology. To use torrents you must have a 'client' program through which you are able to download files.

    You can use these links to download a client application:

    BitComet -

    uTorrent -

    The second thing you need is a .torrent file. A .torrent file lists the actual file (movie, mp3, application) that you are downloading.

    To download .torrent files, visit:

    Once you have downloaded the .torrent file, open it from the client application. This would initiate the download and connect you to peers or 'seeders'.

    To learn how to enhance your torrent download speed visit:


    You can also download kazaa, a similar program to limewire but connects to a different server and hence has different/almost similar content as limewire. Click here to start the download for kazaalite:


    You can also use emule, another program similar to limewire and kazaa. Click on the link below to start your emule downoad:


    You can also use irc for downloading. irc is a chat program with a number of chat channels, as well as channels for downloading. Go to to download and learn how to conect to mirc, as this program is a bit different in using limewire, kazaa etc.

    To download files from irc go here:


    Another option for you is newsgroups and is then again requires a different process from that of the rest. However, its main advantage is that it gives you thebest speed than any other technology. To use newsgroups and how to download from there, go to the link:

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