spotting went to barely there light flow?

i asked earlier about spotting because i was maternal instincts are going haywire, and its been more than six hours since I noticed the very light pink on the tp. Im still kind of bleeding, but its not even red or light red on the maxi...its still a very light pink, and i havent seen any clots. Im not having any cramps, (im just hungry), and i read implantation bleeding only occurs right after Im getting my hopes up and Im kind of sad. Im barely bleeding at all, and I wouldnt even call it bleeding. It only comes out when I wipe....I do get my results tomorrow, but Im nervous and Im afraid of being optimistic about it. I talked to my friends mom, and she said light bleeding is nothing to worry about, and I should only worry if it turns heavy with lots of clots. Well, its been at least more than 6 hours and no signs of clots, and I think i might not be "leaking" anymore. Whats the deal?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Stop and take a deep breath!! You find out tomorrow. There is no sense in worrying about it now. Stress causes the body to do funny things. So.. chill, enjoy your day/evening and see the doctor tomorrow=) Good Luck!!

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