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I am worried about my cousin.?

I have this cousin,he is 2 years old,and he has been having nightmares about me.And it was from a an incident that happend between me and boyfriend's brother.He tried to put his hands on me,and that set my boyfriend off.And when I ran upstairs to go up to my room,he knocked down my door and he tried to do all this nasty crap to me,and I thought my cuz was still sleeping,and he woke up I guess,and he saw everything,and now he won't stop having nightmares about.And I feel like it is my fault for having all this happening,what should I do? Will this scar him for life?


And,NO! I was not molested! Retard! He didn't do anything,but he tried to.But,my boyfriend slammed him against a wall.DUH!

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    Next time you plan on doing something like that, be sure you're alone. Every choice has a consequence.

    It might affect him... as your cousin gets older, it's most likely he'll forget.

    Remember, he's only two. Don't worry about it too much.

    Try to show your little cousin a good time. Fill him up with good memories about you. Watch TV with him, play boardgames with him. Anything that will get your little cousin's mind off that incident. Your little cousin will most likely have less nightmares. Only time will tell...

    Good luck!

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    Well you didn't say but do ya'lls parents know. If not they need to.

    No it won't scar him for life, but it might affect him for a while. His parents may want to consult a child psycologist and see the best way to reassure him both he and you are safe.

    It is not your fault, but seriously this does not sound like a normal guy. You need to report him to the police. What if the next girls boyfriend isn't there.

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    He is a young child, and not yours. You don't have controll, just be loving towards him.

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    i'd suggest that u both get some councelling; it might help

    and stop blaming yourself. it's not your fault.

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    Once his brain devolops hell probably lose it in his memory..u were MOLESTED!! get help NOW!!

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