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i want to purchase live tabaco seeds so i can grow one myself for my own personal use that is....?

.... chemical and crap free, i know it isent any better but it would save me a few bucks, be interesting and enjoyable in my peace pipe. can any one refer me to a place online i could find this? thanx.

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    here's some.

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    First, you might have to get state and federal permission to grow tobacco.

    Secondly, a teaspoon full of seeds will plant a large area.

    Thirdly, tobacco, from planting the seed to the finish of the curing is a 13 month process.

    Fourthly, I don't know what you know about curing tobacco, but there are several ways. (1) flue cure; (2) air dry; (3) fire cure. If you do not cure it correctly, you will have so much tar in it that it will turn your feet black. I think what you need to do is to travel to an area and get some fresh tobacco and chew it. If it does not kill you, you will be lucky - sick, but lucky.

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  • 1 decade ago

    if you have never growen tabaco before read up on it its not easy

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