How am i supposed to get my child to apply lotion on his dry skin, still need help?!?

MY 13 year old son has the dryest skin EVER, since winter his skin is just like sandpaper. His dry skin is everywhere on his body, and I got him Nivea body lotion for dry skin, and I said he MUST apply it on his body after his baths and showers.

I do his back because its hard for him to get the lotion on there, he does the rest. I Felt the bottle of lotion a couple days later and its still full besides when I do his back.

I do not even think he is using the lotion, I tried bribing him, did not work, and I applied lotion MYSELF on his body head to toe once to tell him a message that if he does not do it himself, I will.

I still do not know for sure for what I am supposed to do.

His skin is TOO ROUGH AND DRY to be ignored.

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    Have you tried the Aveeno Oatmeal Bath Treatment?

    You just add it to the water...Its also possible that the lotion may be burning or irritating him more than its helping...

    Have you changed anything at all lately...laundry, soaps etc that could be causing this to flare up? Does he have any itching along with it? I have two little ones with sensitive skin and have to read the ingrediants on everything. You would be surprised at how many chemicals are in skin care even when they say for sensitive skin. One other recommendation is for goat milk products. But watch the ingrediants as a lot of them have chemicals in them that can actually dry out the skin even more. I have included a site that has wonderful products that I have tried with the best results along with a site that shows you what some of those big name ingrediants are and what products are really good.

    Hope this helps out some...

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    Okay at 13 it is hard to tell a kid to so something that is good for them. I think that you should take a differnt approach. you should buy him shower products that is made for dry skin that he can use in the bath or shower. like palmer's shea butter soaps and showere gels, or that oatmeal brand that they suggest for chicken poxs. you could even take your son to the doctors and they can perscribe things that will work in the bath and that way if he chooses not to use the lotions, he will still get the benefits of the product.

    Also, you could mention the fact that the girls think that it is hot for a guy not to have ashy hands and legs when they do pt at school or how handsom it is for a guy to have nice skin. if the health benefits isnt working the chic factor will.

    i hope this helps.

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    I agree on seeing a dermatologist but then, if you apply lotion on his back, at least, everyday and see positive results, applying lotion could already be the solution to his dry skin. then, you're left with the problem of how to make him apply it himself everyday. Try buying one with a different scent. You can also let him accompany you to the drugstore or supermarket so that he could choose the brand that he likes best. This way, he won't have any excuse not to use it 'coz it's what he chose and liked. if this still doesn't work, explain to him his condition and what bad things that might happen if he won't do anything about it. Read medical books to convince him more. I'm not much into bribery 'coz it teaches them how to do things not for themselves but for the material things that they'll get out of obeying and that will be cause of more problems in the future. Good luck!!!

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    ~Definitely take him to the dermatologist, since it's all over his skin.

    He should not be taking baths and his showers should be just long enough to get the job done. Try Caress bath soap, not the cheap kind that will dry out his skin even more.

    I would think he would be embarrassed at school, but apparently not since he doesn't apply lotion.

    You might also try "Eucerin." Lotions are just watered down cream. I would also recommend something without perfumes in it. I know Caress soap does, but it's all I can use.

    Good luck~

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    tough item to go 13, he has a mind of his have already learned that bribing will not work...

    i am not sure the embarrassment trick would work either where you see his genitals and apply the lotion as well...he may not care that you do or can see them...if he were embarrassed, he may want to apply it so that you didn't look...

    he want to be independent and not have anyone tell him what to do...

    what would happen if you did not bug him anymore and he had to put up with the consequences of the dry skin and the side effects?

    my daughter is like that and we just let her be and she finally comes around

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    Buy a toy etc. he has longed for. Then tell him that you'll give it to him after he has completed, say, one bottle of lotion.

    If not, just trying scaring him with some facts, say, your skin will rot if it continues to be so dry or something like that. (My mom used that on me when I was young, but maybe your child is old enough to understand some facts.)

    The last resort will be like, what you have said, to do it yourself. Also, try using it yourself too to set an example.

    Good luck...

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    Have you tried seeing a dermatolagist? His skin might be a serious problem if it is that dry and EVERYWHERE on his body. If you haven't already, definitely consult one. Best of luck to you and your son!

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    Maybe showing him pictures of people who have/had skin problems similar to his and the permanent damage they have suffered might drive the message home.

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    The next time you do his back, do the rest of him too. He will be so embarrassed that he will start doing it on his own next time good luck

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