How am i supposed to get my child to apply lotion on his dry skin, still need help?!?

MY 13 year old son has the dryest skin EVER, since winter his skin is just like sandpaper. His dry skin is everywhere on his body, and I got him Nivea body lotion for dry skin, and I said he MUST apply it on his body after his baths and showers.

I do his back because its hard for him to get the lotion on there, he does the rest. I Felt the bottle of lotion a couple days later and its still full besides when I do his back.

I do not even think he is using the lotion, I tried bribing him, did not work, and I applied lotion MYSELF on his body head to toe once to tell him a message that if he does not do it himself, I will.

I still do not know for sure for what I am supposed to do.

His skin is TOO ROUGH AND DRY to be ignored.

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    Tell him that he has to put lotion daily or you will, even if it's infront of his friends.

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    Hi, I'm 48 yrs old and I have had the same problem since I was a child. My mother made a game out of it. Or try scaring him into doing it. Like he has to go to the dermotologist if he doesn't and they are going to make it worse on you. My skin is super dry like his is, and I'm constantly putting lotion on. And I live out in the country with well water which makes it even harder to keep under control.

    I went to a dermotologist when I was younger for it and now I got ceriasis on my elbows and knees and a little bit on my hand knuckles. So maybe you can just show him this message. It might scare him enough to do it. Tell him if he doesn't take care of it he won't get any girlfriends because he looks terrible. And other people WILL make fun of him. Believe me they do.

    Good Luck!!!

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    Normally, I would say that if it doesn't bother him enough to make it better, to just let him be. It's his skin, if it cracks and bleeds, he's the one who has to deal with it, not you. It may drive you nuts to look at, but again, he's the one living with it.

    If you're really concerned, take him to a dermatologist to make him understand how serious you are about it.

    I like the idea of trying to convince him that chics DON'T dig scales.

    Switching the soap in the shower is a good one also. I have dry skin and I love Aveeno shower gel (they make a frangrance free dry skin relief one).

    I read your post yesterday though, and the fact that you mentioned you slathered him with lotion after bathing him was a little concerning though. You may want to consider backing off and keeping in mind that's he's 13, and that's a little (like several years) too old to be getting bathed by mom.

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    You can bring a horse to water, but you can't force it to drink. There are other options he might be willing to try. Quoting the source:

    * Reduce how often you bath or shower, and use lukewarm water. Showers may be better than baths.

    * Replace standard soap with a substitute such as a synthetic detergent cleanser, water-miscible emollient, bath oil, anti-pruritic tar oil, etc.

    * Apply an emollient liberally and often, particularly after bathing, and when itchy. The drier the skin, the thicker this should be, especially on the hands.

    * Treat eczematous patches with a topical steroid for a 5 to 15 day course. These are prescribed by your doctor and should be only applied to the red and itchy areas.

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    Try buying like Dove body soap that has Moisterizer in it and tell him to use that when he takes a bath, not like he has multiple choices to choose from with soap. But with lotion, he will forget or wont want to do it when he gets out of the shower. Hope this helps!

    Source(s): I have REALLY dry skin, and sometimes the lotion isn't enough, so I use Dove Skin Healing Body Wash with Moisturizer
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    Get him to have baths with baby oil in it . It really helps dry skin. Also he may not like the lotion cause it smells feminine. Try something fragrance free.

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    prepare dinner up a tale telling him, whilst u have been a small woman of his age, u had a chum like him with dry dermis and the way it wud come peeling off. and the way ppl have been given frightened of him and started calling him a snake toddler. tell him u want to shop all that embarrasment for him. And ya make the interest relaxing with the aid of timing it, or u the two doing it on the comparable time and seeing who wins. Write words on his hands and back with the lotion and ur finger, enable him wager the be conscious. in short make it relaxing. all the perfect !

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    It rubs the lotion on its skin.

    Come on, nobody has said this yet??? so....very....sad.

    Have you tried a bathsoap that has lotion? Dove makes a decent soap that softens the skin....don't tell anyone i said so tho.

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    If he were a little guy, I'd suggest you put it in the bathwater. 13? Pay the guy. Also, as a young man, you might be able to convince him that girls think scales are soooo out.

  • Take him to see a skin specialist.....I dare say a few courses of kefflex will clear it up.

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