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how can you find if someone is using the computer to talk to someone else without you knowing it?

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    You mean like monitor somones activity? And see who they are talking to? There isn't really a way to do this, besides looking for chat logs, or using a keylogger. However keyloggers are a virus and shouldnt really be used, unless you know what your doing...

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    Keylogger software

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    Download you a keylogger from in the download section. or if you use ares or something similar search for a keystroke logger or keylogger.

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    i might want to ask her about it quite than attempting to secret agent on her. in case you insist on spying over talking, merely look ahead to her to go away the computing gadget to get a drink or bypass to the restroom. you'll see the demonstrate, and (till you get stuck) she will be able to not learn about it.

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    install 3rd party software to record keystrokes and actions.

  • do it without you knowing about it, mmmmk?

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