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best friend is moving?

Ok well maybe she is. Her bro and his gf are pregnant and when they get a house she might go with them( they're all really close). Its really all up to her.

We're 15 and known each other for about 4 yrz now, when we met we instantly clicked. Back then i was the loud, crazy, kooky one who would talk up a storm with anyone. She was quiet and sometimes told me to stop being so loud.....Well over the yrz she became the loud, fun one and me the prude. She befriends everyone and i on the other hand talk to no one. Too shy and when I choose to be a bit more outgoing i only find really dumb, ignorant people.

I've never cared bcuz I've had her and that was enough, and i know that after Hs we'd go our separate ways (she wants to be in med and me in techArt or psychology) and i was ready for that but not this.She asks me what to do and i can't tell her not to go bcuz she must do what she truly wants to do.

So how can i be more outgoing without making it seem like im ready for her to leave?


she's moving to Bakersfield and thats about 3-4 hrz from where we live now. Its hard to keep friendships like that and even if we do, it's not like i'll talk to her everyday.Its just wouldnt be the same.

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    It seems like u guys have a deep relationship u probably have gone thru so many things huh? well it seems like ur friend wants to leave but probably feels guilty leaving u behind but u feel like u want her to go but also dont want her to go because u always had her by ur side when people were being ignorant. so why dont u try making new friends if she chooses to leave. and u can always meet every weekend talk on the phone IM eachother and do many things even though u guys arent near eachtoher., and u should plan fun activities with eachother onece u meet so ur relationship wont die out. im sure she wants the same thing as u do but as u said she is very close with her family.

    and u can be more outgoing by loking for new friends ur going to start hs pretty soon right? then u are going to meet other people whod ont even know where ur from and they want to know all about u the best way to start is on the first day! try bringing urself to talk to them and eventually u guys will all click. good luck !

  • a friendship never really ends if its a true one. If you both have the internet it won't be hard to keep in contact. IF not there is always the phone. You can always write letters through the mail too and send pics and do all that fun stuff. I was in somewhat of the same situation and we kept in touch the whole time. Writing letters actually made us become closer! Don't worry it will all play out. You are right with not telling her to not is her choice!

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    i remember when i was like 4 or 5 years of age, i had a friend who lived not even 2 minutes on foot from my house...i used to go over to his house everyday to hang out, we were really great friends, we had like everything in common, and his parents were like my parents because i was there so much hehehe.....and then he moved to NC (i live in GA) which from my place is a 6 hour drive. he moved when we were in the 6th grade, im now in tenth grade and we're still best friends. even tho we mostly talk online, thats still cool for us....he comes down to GA to visit eveyone and thats when we usually hang out for a bit....what im saying is that it doesnt really have to end in any way if your best friend goes one way and you go the would be like that one time or another, rite? im sure yall will see each other eventually, with technology, you can still keep in touch via AIM, Yahoo Messenger, Email, Myspace,. Xanga, hehe MSN Messenger and alot more....and the summer is always a good time to visit each other....i hope this helps you alittle

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    Aw, I know exactly how you feel.

    I live in Illinois, and my best friend might move to Arizona this summer. The other day I started crying because I realized that it was really happening.

    I think that she should do what she feels is right. Even if that means her leaving. You can still call, and text, and visit.

    But never forget her, and let her know that you really care for her.

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    wull my bff moved to minnesota which is about 6 hours from where i live

    (green bay WI) i was really bummed when she left. we made sure that we sent e-mails and we see each other like at least twice a year somtimes mor. just tell her how u really feel. and about being outgoing find some of ur other friends. like the ones that u had when u were 11 and talk to them.

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    Moving is not the best girlfriend and i met in 2nd grade. She and her family moved 800 miles away when we were in 6th grade. Now we are 40.. we are still best friends.. we still see each other.. we lived in the same town for awhile as adults.. but things changed again. now we are 200 miles apart. But that is only land and space.. our friendship remains forever.

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    o i know how u feel cuz i moved to az and my friends and me r 4-5 hrs apart now that is harsh than 3-4 hrs

    but u can still talk to her take frequent trips w/ her

    and u guyz will still be friends trust me!!!

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    Ok so you're making it seem like you guys are never going to talk to eachother or see eachother ever again.

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    Start making plans.

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    e-mail every day

    call her

    IM her

    make weekly or monthly plans to see her

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