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Why am I gaining weight?

the more i think about losing weight the more i gain. i exercise every day and yes, i do not always eat the healthiest, a cookie here, some pasta there... and i know it adds up...but the more i worry about losing weight and the more i am self conscious the more i am gaining weight. its horrible! has this happened to anyone?! i was better off before i started worrying so much and caring!!

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    Eat Healthy, And eat your daliy meals. Not eating thoes main courses forces your stomach to have craves and causes you to snack more (toward the junk food criteria). Allow yourself to have 3-5 healthy snacks a day; Examples: Nuts, yogart, Fruit, pretzels, celery/carrots, when you do have any sudden urges to eat. I know this may sound pretty hard, but if you are determined to lose weight you'll be able to accomplish your goal weight. It is hard to break thoes dirty unwanted habits. Once you have done this for a week you and your body will feel energized and actually grow to this routine.

    And remember since your excerising you may gain muscle mass and muscle does weight more than fat. You may be getting worried over the muscle you are starting to build.

    good Luck!

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    First off, be nice to yourself! If you are exercising that is great but remember that when you do exercise you are building up muscle too and that will count for some pounds BUT that is a good thing....toning helps. A while back I took out all "whites" breads, rice, anything that was considered white and plus took out all sugar....I was eating 4 meals a day with 2 snacks and I lost 50 pounds in 2 months....and that was Without a lot of exercising.....did walking but really no cardio..... Take heart....and be nice to you

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    Stress is a large cause of weight gain, but it can also be hormonal. You should get you thyroids checked. How have you been feeling?. If you are tried all the time after eating and working out. You sould get your blood sugar checked.. Try to be happy with yourself because if your not happy now you will never be happy no matter how thin you are.

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    stress is the major cause or weight gain because when you are angry or depress, you will feel like eating all the time. Even you exercise evryday you still gain weight because you put back the calories that you have burned off.

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    Stress causes weight gain

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    yeah that's like me too! Like right now I'm trying my hardest to lose weight and i try to watch what i eat all the time but i end up GAINING WEIGHT ugh i hate it.

    I think we're gaining weight because your worrying about it too much/thinking about it more than you act. soo i guess exercise & eat less.

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    Weighing yourself just on scales isnt a good way to go.

    I started doing Karate 6 months ago and eating healthier as a way of getting fit and I too started putting on weight.

    What I didnt realise was that muscle is heavier than fat so it could be that you are in fact carrying less fat and more muscle and you are actually healthier.

    Your best bet is to buy a set of scales that measures body fat as a % and go buy that.

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    Look, it takes this. Big breakfast, medium lunch, Small dinner (never close to bedtime.) Some exercise. Do something fun like a dancing class or cycling. You need to enjoy the exercise you're doing.

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    stress can make you gain or lose weight, so take a deep breath and just dont push yourself too hard .. you cant lose 10 pounds in a day .. weight loss comes slowly but surely

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    You're probably still growing. Let nature run its course. Eat healthy, exercise, what happens happens. Nicole Richie may not be your end result, but big deal. You'll be healthier than her.

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