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how to quit smoking? give me the most effective skill if you have?

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    hi there...

    i have quit smoking after 10 years in the habit (started when i was 15... go figure)

    i have previously failed but this is whats working for me so far

    everytime i get a craving, i...

    * have a glass of water

    * brush my teeth

    * wash my face

    * move away from the smokers around me (id there are any)

    * i think of things i can get with the money i dont spend on a pack of cigarettes, then make a shopping list (kind of like a rewards list for each month of not smoking*

    * do 10 star jumps - guaranteed to not make you want to smoke

    this has been working for me, and i feel great (lots of water and the face washing has been working wonders)...

    hope this helps :o)

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    These articles offer Very Sound advice:

    Cigarettes---Do You Reject Them?

    - Lead Nation of Introduction, Now Leads Warnings

    - Restrictions Imposed

    - ACS Warnings

    - Children---Defenseless Victims

    - Changed View

    - Overseas Sales Reject

    How You CAN Quit Smoking :

    - A World Hooked on Smoking

    - Why Quit Smoking?

    - How Long Can You Quit?

    - Helping a Loved One Quit

    Also, the herb Catnip supposedly is a big help in reducing --if not eradicating-- cravings ...

    Source(s):;the/ Little Herb Encyclopedia, by Jack Ritcheson, ND, and several online articles
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    I smoke a couple of cigarettes for the first time a month ago. It wasn't good, but it wasn't bad, but I liked the prop that it posed as. So, I almost was compelled to buy at least an individual cigarette later, but I kept in mind the theory that a habit is something done within 21 days, so I waited and made sure I did not smoke another within that time period, even though I did not feel addicted or craving. Now, I still haven't bought one.

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    Man, use the best prescription your doctor can advice. Then try to stay away from your smoking buddies as much as you can. It sucks...a lot. It's probably the hardest thing you can do. Good luck.

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    eat the cigarettes rather than smoking em.

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