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How long should I run a day to reduce my thigh's muscle mass?

Thank you.

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    I've asked my dad about your previous question which I answered. He said that you have to be more specific about the muscle mass thing. So he gave me a very general explaination of how to reduce muscle mass. He said that when you use energy, your body will burn the glucose in your body(That takes about at least 30mins.). Then after the glucose finishes, your body starts burning fat(depends of how much fat there is in your body.). After using up all the fat, in order to produce energy, your body will use up muscle tissue in your body. Taking protein will help build muscle mass so cut down on protein food. But don't stop eating protein food totally because protein helps repairing damaged muscle tissues(I'm not sure how to explain that properly but thats the way my father told me). There was a famous marathon runner who died because his muscle tissue was, like, used up because he was so skinny that there was little fat to burn after his body finished with the fat.

    Source(s): My dad owns a fitness gym.
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    You dont want to build muscle mass. An important thing in getting cut muscles and definition is high reps and low weight. So instead of running you're hardest for 1 mile try jogging 2 or 3 miles. Also lifting weights would help build more definiton. Eat healthy, running long distance, and hit the gym. You'll see results fast.

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    If u want to reduce your MUSCLE mass then u shouldn't do exercise at all!! if u want to reduce FAT, I think thats what u mean?, then running is a great way to do it. any exercise first thing in the morning before breakfast is best cos this way u'll be burning pure fat & not carbohydrates. to concentrate specifically on toning your thighs u should do some exercises like squats & lunges

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    you should have a morning walk and i prefer you for cycling also

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  • Try yoga!

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