Why our consciousness suffer from dualism?

Some psychologists compare our consciousness with iceberg.

The small visible part of this iceberg is our logical consciousness.

And the unseen (underwater) greater part of the iceberg is

our subconsciousness. Therefore they say, the man uses

only 10% of possibility of his brain.

And if it so, why doesn,t anybody teach us how

to develop our subconsciousness.

I think it is because there are few people who understand

that the processes of subconsciousness are connected

with quantum processes. The subconsciousness theory

closely united with quantum theory.

These quantum processes which take place in lifeless

(inanimate) nature also take place in our brain.

Our brain can be the laboratory in which we can

test the truth of quantum theory.


1. Nonlinear dynamic process.

2. Vacuum process.

3. Superconductive process.

4. Holographic process.

5. etc.



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    Maybe it is not so much something to "suffer" from, as much as a survival technique in play. There is obviously a good reason for it, besides dealing certain types of memories and fears. I find that dreaming is a very interesting part of it, a way of playing out some of the things there. But, we could keep busy for the rest of our lives expanding the part we DO know about how to control, so, why look at it as suffering? Perhaps there is a necessary and good part. Things may change in the future of course, but that is how I look at it now. Interesting question.

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    I think there's a clearer philosophical-historical answer to this: the Western tradition is to consider the human being as a divided being: mind-body; soul-spirit; analysis-synthesis; conscious-unconscious; left brain-right brain. This notion comes from Ancient Greece: greeks thought that there were several "souls", each one accountable for a part of human behavior. Centuries later, Rene Descartes strongly influenced our current thought with his mind-body dualistic theory. It survives to this day. Anyone who has seen cerebral blood flow images of the brain knows that the 10% myth is just that: a myth - we use all of our brain - it wouldn't make evolutionary sense to waste 90% of the brain if we could go by with only 10%. Of course, this 100% can be used in different ways and that's what makes everybody unique.

    The nervous system is no different from any other matter - so quantum theory holds true in its constituent elements.

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    There's a little misunderstanding here.

    That we use only about 10% of our brain is true, but we can't 'train' ourselves to use the remaining part.

    It is, in fact, the evolutionary process. Perhaps tenth generation from our time will start using on average 12% brain, and perhaps after a million years (if human race is still surviving), will the homo-sapiens will be able to use almost 100% of brain.

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    Wow Subconsciousness and quantum physics? large mind's eye , yet fake. Subconsciousness isn't some thing superior , its some thing you will detect , it is yet floated up on your awareness. as an occasion you do no longer in basic terms like the girl whose voice is extreme tone .you donot comprehend why . Its because of the fact your mothr has extremely generally yelled at you. bobbing up ideas isn't something to do with subconsciousness. Psychologist use this term particularly to describe our hidden want , truma or scar or desire.

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