where can I find the applications of data structure?

Hi ,I want to know what are the applications of Tree,Graph,sorting,link list ,array& .....

I mean,where these structures are being used?

Could you introduce me some sites & links about these?

thank U in advance.

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    Though there is no hard n fast rule - here is a broad attempt to answer your question

    Tree - Compilers, Interpreter

    Graph - Linear Programming

    Sorting - (this is not a data structure instead it identifies methods on how to arrange "content" in a data structure in a particular order - the reason you would want to arrange is to enable quick search, efficient compression...)

    Link List - Applications that require "constant time" insertions and removal - such as databases

    Array - compact memory requirements - fast traversal of "content"

    such as look-up tables ...

    As I wrote earlier this is just a brief sketch - here is nothing that prevents a smaller database to be implemented as an array and so on...

    check STL, Java, Qt for popular data structure implementations

    Data structure implementations are often refer ed to as "Containers"


    http://www.theparticle.com/javadata2.html though old it is good for a beginner

    http://doc.trolltech.com/4.0/qt4-tulip.html again it is old but good for a beginner

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