Ive had a small tshirt retail comp. online , how do I start wholesaling to small boutiques.?

I started a small retail tshirt company online and was just wondering how to start selling wholsale to small boutiques and other shops.

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  • lilo
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    1 decade ago
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    Don't sell the idea, make them an offer. On paper. It sounds like a contract, but not quite. You will offer them the possibility to but the products from you and let them sell them in their small boutiques. You will give them a good offer, special promotions, a nice tempting price, some discounts for larger packages they purchase and the possibility of constant future collaboration. Also, you should mention some successful partnerships (if you don't have them, just tell them their small business will have the privilege of being the first one yadayadayadayada...you know what I mean).

  • 1 decade ago

    Mostly it will take some research and networking on your part. You might try contacting the Small Business Admin to see if they have any material on wholesaling businesses for additional, basic info on typical processes involved.

    I think I would start by figuring out what geographical areas you want to expand into and what type of customers your product would appeal to.

    Look at local phone books or search Chamber of Commerce web-sites for companies that fit the profile your looking for and start building a cold call list. Make contact, expect rejection or the need to send samples and refine your list as you go.

    You might even consider setting up a Wholesale Customer section to your web-site that they can log into, create orders on, make suggestions and submit problems to.

    You might even visit boutiques in your own town & nearby towns to see what they would be willing to do. You don't really say what kind of t-shirts they are (I am assuming they are not blank), so it's hard to get real specific - but, their are certain niche industries that might be viable (like skateboard shops, souvenier shops).

    Good Luck!

  • rosey
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    1 decade ago

    You basically have to sell the idea to them. I would send them some samples free of charge to see if they would be interested in possibly purchasing them to sell them. It would be much better for you to contact in person if you could though. Good luck.

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