Why our consciousness suffer from dualism?

Sufism,s story.

One shah (sultan) sent his son to study Sufism.

In some years he finished his studies and returned home.

The shah wanted to check which mystic knowledge

the boy received. He hid his ring in his hand and

asked his son: ‘What is hidden in my hand?’

The boy gained his thoughts concentrated and

said: ‘It is something hard…..it is something round…’

‘Yes. yes’ shah was pleased.

And then the boy finished: ’It is a wheel of waggon’.



We make fun of somebody who cannot think logically,

but it is no funny when we lost our intuition.

Nobody teaches us how to develop our intuition.

It means that our education is not completed.

We must develop two kinds of consciousness.

The intuitive ability must be connected with logical ability.



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    I don't think you care about what we think.

    You sound like my father-in-law.

  • 1 decade ago

    Because that's what most of us have come to this planet for. If we are to believe anything, can it not be said for most that they in some way show talents that could not be gained in one lifetime. No, that may not be proof, but it is highly suggestive of lifetimes spent learning. So, if you had lifetimes to learn, what would you learn? Let's look again at what exists. First you have all the skills you came in with, but can't explain. Then you have all the learning you've done so far in this life time. And finally, you have a world view that takes in dualism, war, greed and more. Mix this together and you might find your truth, your answers. I'd like to hear them. I'm fascinated by others views whether I accept them as my truth or not.

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    1 decade ago

    It's the way our brains are set up-right and left hemispheres. They are responsible for processing different kinds of thought.

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    1 decade ago

    Excellent point.

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