why do men love us,girls?

Why do they tell us about thear lOve, but sometimes they are interested in other girls? Why can't they love just 1 girl?

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    weelll tooo many gals tickle them.but in the end it comes down to one gal!! Lol...and if ur lucky u'll be the one!

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    Because many girls are into the ohhhh he's good looking and thats where it really starts you woman are at fault ,you never hear a girl say ,oh he is good looking , and her friend reply with a simple then let him know , but instead you both are with foaming at the mouth ... women need to learn the old school ways again ,old mothers tried to teach ya , but you were too into the girls likeing boys and more boys and more boys... instead of taking the only road to happiness , and waiting for that special someone, im not saying guys are perfect ,but think about it ... do two wrongs make a right ... girls need to be real women and keep the legs crossed until after marriage, the dating alot of guys bit is getting out of hand , you asked , no one said the answer would be a bed of roses .... good luck , i am a man who hopefully will be getting married soon God willing and i luv her because she is way different than the normal girl these days ,she is from the philippines and has great respect for me and i cherish that , boys these days , see a girl acting like a slut so he treats her like one , ask yourself which do u want to be treated as

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    Men can love one girl but these men are those who are looking for love and when I say love, I mean true, deep, abiding love. The forever kind of love. These men are usually gentleman in every sense of the word although there are always exceptions. Most men love women sexually and is it any wonder what with sex selling everything on the TV and in the movies? Sex sells and men who love cars or golf or tennis see commercials for these products, even tires, and all are sold with sex. We are emersed with sex from morning til night. Women scantily clad and with great shapes selling men's wear, ladies' wear, sports equipment, fragrances, etc. Why do men have affairs? Because they always want to be perceived as being young and so they look for young and younger girls and women as they grow older and sometimes they get them especially if they have money. But there is the guy who deeply loves his wife and will be true to her no matter what.

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    Because medias, movies, sitcoms etc imply ...it's ok to cheat. There is an unspoken belief that there is always something better. The reality is that nobody is perfect. It may be possible for a man to love 1 woman.. I don't have faith that any man can be faithful. Men are broken. Our society has a double standard. Woman are frowned upon for infidelity, and are taught as children to be faithful. Men, however are reveared , even as children, for infidelity. They are considered studs ift they're heartbreakers. It is a broken view, but an unfortunate reality. It's not you, sweetheart. Men are just broken.

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    1 decade ago

    Too many girls excite them.

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