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How do you stay afload in water?

I know how to swim like freestyle and stuff, but when I'm not moving, it's hard to stay afloat without using the method where you lie on your back and curl up into a ball. I see people in deep water just moving their legs gently and they're floating, and when I do it, I just end up sinking and kicking really hard to stay afloat...

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    Well, kicking hard doesn't tend to work too well. The best way to do it is to make circular motions with your arms and your legs underwater (and it definitely helps to keep your arms underwater, much more buoyant force that way =D). It doesn't take too much effort once you learn how.

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    when you are lying on your back the key thing is to keep your head back. tryto duck your head in towards your neck that will make you sink..

    the other thing with the moving legs gently, yeah you want to move your legs and arms at a slow pace, trying not to have the surface water to move.don't panic and keep calm just relax and move your arms and legs back and forth slowy and gently

    hope this helps!

    Source(s): lifeguarding class i took.
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    You need to move your hands as well. People like me don't have to do much moving. I float so very easily. I can't swim on the bottom of the pool either. I have tried, but my rear comes up on it's own. LOL I could never be a life guard.

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    Try moving your arms in a gentle sculling motion while doing half breaststroke kicks with your legs. Its awkward when you first try it, but as you get used to it its realy easy.

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    it is called treading and some people are just better at it than others. you need to move your arms in a circular motion and your legs need to look like a frog's so they help you keep alfoat

    Source(s): my experience as a swimmer and a water polo player
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