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Why is he so angry at me?

This guy and went our own way and I found a new BF but i told him I still love him but his parents doesn;t want him to have a GF. So I told him I will still go to his graduation with my new BF and give him a present/. I moved on until one day he comes back on line and he said ha ha you don't know my new cellphone number I just ignored him and he waited about one hour and then signed out the next night he continued wait about an hour so I just told happy new year and we will see him at his graduation..he just signed out..and he hasn't come back online you think he is angry? What should I do still go to his graduation..I don't want to hurt him but I don;t want to fight with him either..he is 15.

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    No man wants to see his ex with another. Going to see him with your bf? Are you nuts? He still wants you and won't admit it. Don't go and just move on.

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