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Weight loss i need serious anwsers! Even if it take 3-5 months any advice?

ok the truth im 13 and obese im 5'8" and weigh 206 pounds please I need real help

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    Drink nothing besides water. It really does help lose the weight.

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    At 13, I hope you feel free to talk to your parents about how you feel. They have prob been afraid to hurt you and bring up the subject if they haven't. If they know how serious you are, they can make all the difference. there are sooo many temptations and its sooo easy to give in and give up. someone always offers the dieter the special candy brought in today. and hey, why don't you eat the last one, etc etc. Help and structure (food plan) and exercise is the key. Get rid of temptations in the house before you start. Get a plan. Most any plan is better than no plan. Write your goals (short term ones are best) , your pain and reasons for wanting to change and post them on your bedroom wall to remind you when you falter. Asnd remember, you will prob mak a few mistakes on the way. forgive yourself, pick yourself back up and finish the day's eating plan right. Don't blow off the whole day when you mess up. Determination is the real key to succeeding! Good luck !

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    Portion, portion, portion! Eat alot of fruits and vegetables and chicken (white meat). 6 small meals daily. And of course you've heard it before, moderate exercise at least 5 times a week for 30 to 45 min. I know it sounds like alot but if you really are serious about changing your habits for life, it is worth it. Soon it will be a part of your every day and it won't be awkward to do these things on a regular basis. I hope i have helped. GOOD LUCK!!!

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    im 13 too and these execrises really helped me:

    do each of this once a day:

    100 situps (to make ur stomach flat)

    50 pushups (girl push-ups)

    100 squats

    100 crunch ups

    run up and down ur stairs 10 times

    walk if you can for half an hour

    you should work out for an hour a day atleast (including the half hour for walking)

    (you can have a break between these exercises.) and dont tire yourself too much.

    drink LOADS of water. dont eat any junk food, dont crash diet.

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    see mate. if you actually are serious about loosing weight. try this.

    eat more frequently but lesser quantity, more fruits and veggies, no bread, no butter, no wheat.

    exercise mainly cardio that is running, jogging cycling etc.

    dont get disheartened if ur body aches or u cant run because after a couple of days, u will see ur stamina growing.

    and that pain after exercise is ur weakness getting out, so have confidence and kick start today. u can do it as i did it too.

    and yes drink as much water as u can. maybe 15 glasses a day.

    good luck

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    hey i respect that you acknowledge your problem

    basically you seem like you have the inspiration and the motivation to do this because trust me, its not going to be easy.

    You need to push yourself to the limit each day to work towards that goal, it will make your life longer, and more enjoyable so i hope your sucessful! the three main things you need to be thinking about are- Cardio, Toning/Strength, and Food

    Cardio- 30 minutes a day, and if your wanting to loose weight, make sure your pushing yourself harder each day. work to your full potential the first day, and then try and be one step better the next day. For example, if your running on the the treadmill, and you go for the 30 minutes a day at 1.5 on the treadmill thing, then go for 20 minutes at 1.5 again the next day and then go 10 minutes at 1.6... slowly working your way up. Some examples that you can do at home or at a gym is -



    running around your block

    jump rope

    running up and down your stairs

    sprints outside in your yard

    I know for me its really hard to go for 30 minutes the first day, but at the gym sometimes they have tvs for you to watch which helps take my mind off of whats really going on, but also, i may look at the watch and see that 5 minutes has gone by, so i would say to myself alright, 5 more minutes, just 5 more, and i would countdown 5 minutes, then i would be like aight you've done 10 minutes your 1/3 of the way done, just do 5 more minutes and your half way done... break the time into incremints of smaller portions so you work to get something smaller done then a whole 30 minutes.


    You should be working on each part of your body every other day.

    Arms- bicep curls with a weight, rubber band, or milk carton

    tricep curls by putting the weight behind you and lifting

    your arms up

    wrists, by lifting the weight slightly by just curling your

    hands up, doing this both ways working both sides of the


    Stomach- basic situps

    V-situps - laying flat on the ground lifting your legs and

    arms at the same time meeting in a v

    balancing on your tailbone and doing situps, or leaning

    back and holding it

    laying on your back, and lifting your legs straight 1 inch

    off the ground, and holding it for 10 seconds

    increasing each day.

    Back- upper back- Push ups with your arms farther

    apart than your shoulders

    lower back-Lay on your stomach and bring your legs

    and arms straight up at the same time, looking like your

    flying like superman

    Thighs/ Butt- Squats


    jumps, getting wayyy low and pushing hard with

    your butt

    Calfs- lifting heels off steps

    using rubber band putting it around the bottom of your

    foot, and pulling back, then pushing your front foot forward

    Chest- Putting two weights in both hands, laying on your back, bringing the weights to the front of you above your head

    Pushups- bringing your hands closer together

    Benching- Lifting that bar thing... but if your a women and not really that athletic i wouldnt suggest it (no point)

    so then the last thing is food

    Basically stay away from sweets

    its hard at first, but it gets easier

    Really when you start to work out more, the sweets kind of go away, you dont have a desire for them anymore.

    Eat fruits, vegetables, fruits, and fruits

    this time of year is perfect for some clementines.. they're my favorite, apples, grapes whatever just make sure you eat many... when your hungry for cookies or candy grab an apple... its just as good!

    stay away from bleached flour... which i found is in a ton of stuff.. start to eat whole wheat bread more often

    I know what your feeling like and if you need any help, encouragement, or whatever you can just email me-

    its going to be hard, but honestly after awhile, it gets better you just got to get through the sour stuff to get to the sweet stuff ...

    PS what choco gurl said about doing all of those excersies... work your way up to doing hundreds... its not going to be easy like i said... dont start off with that many... you'll wear yourself out... shes right about drinking water tho

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    try weight watchers, drink water, watch what you eat, exercise, start to take a good multivitamin...

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