Hi,I am locking for the fuel pump fuse; I find the relay, there is no 12V in the coi?


the car is

camaro 1994

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I would imagine it would be close to the relay, I am thinking its probably labelled ECM-? like the trucks are. According to chiltons, there is a fuse in the interior fuse panel marked pcm-ign that powers the one side of the relay and from the circuit diagram it appears that the coil side gets powered from the pcm of the vehicle. I am not sure if this is like the trucks in that the fuel pump is only powered for 5 or less seconds when the key is first turned to the on position unless the vehicle is cranking or not

  • 4 years ago

    Did you verify the gasoline pump relays? you may attempt the gasoline pump through commencing you hood and on the drivers factor of the truck close to the hinges there is an electric connection that has no longer something plugged into it. (through ways it particularly is white). in case you will i'm me i'm going to deliver you a %. It seems kinda like a triangle with the precise decrease off. in case you will carry it on your hand with the flat factor on your palm. To the a procedures precise is a terminal (4 in all) in case you will run a floor to it it particularly is going to kick the pump on (which ever one you have chosen in the cab). in case you do no longer right here the whine than you have a foul connection. in case you do hear it then you particularly've a foul relay someplace, the change has went, or you need to verify the inertia change (cuts off the gasoline pump in the form of a smash) that's placed on the driving force's factor of the firewall. To the left of the brake pedal or in the back of the suitable kick panel.

  • 1 decade ago

    What type of vehicle you got, then I can help you.

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