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methlyn blue?

is it harmful to dogs when eaten cause i think my dog just ate some....

i dont know if i spelt methlyn right please help im really worried for my dog!

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    I was going to say no, but I check the msds and it said yes. It's used for medicine for fish . They drink and swin in the stuff, but I suppose they get a low concetration. He is probably fine, but I would take him to a vet.

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    1 decade ago

    You Think?

    Check the dogs mouth.Is it blue?If so then check the bottle for toxic info and call your vet to be safe.

    If there's no blue discoloration inside dogs mouth then no worries.

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    if you think he did eat it . call a 24hr vet and see if they have any answers or you may need to take in him asap. look in your phone book or Call Animal Poison Control. the number is 1 888-426-4435

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