who are the best chefs in the world?

i'm an aspiring chef and want to learn from the best -- who are they and what books should i be reading??

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    Georges Perrier. He has an excellent book called "Georges Perrier Le Bec Fin Recipes" that showcases some of his recipes from the world renowned Le Bec Fin restaurant in Philadelphia. You can find his book on Amazon.com here:


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    Boy, is that a question open to debate...like asking who's the most beautiful woman in the world.

    First, decide what kind of cooking you personally love the best, and then specialize in it like Paula Deen, who's specialty is country cooking.

    Second, you need to read about cooking terms, and techniques, that would apply to whatever kind of food you're cooking. A good read on cooking "basics" is what I would recommend that you start with.

    If you can't afford Chef's school, then I advise that you apply for a job in the kitchen of one of the better restaurants in town, and start at the bottom. If you're really serious, and work hard, the chef will take you under his wing and teach you all he knows.

    Good luck.

    Source(s): I've been in the food industry all my life.
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    Wow there are so many great chefs-I just try to learn the best from each and pick up tips etc. They all have something they specialized in too so it depends really.

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    I don't know who the best chef in the world is, but, try the link below for the top chef book's, some with recipes. Has more valuable information.


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    well, the worlds best chefs are probably emeril and Wolfgang puck. you should really consider into reading any books published by them and research where they learned cooking from. if you decide that these two chefs will help you in the future to fulfill your dreams. anyways i hope that my response will help you.

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    Wolfgang puck

  • 1 decade ago

    sanjeev kappor from india is world's 5th best chef.

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    my friends mum and dad. they make a mean sausage cob.

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