Which of these universities is the best in the Philippines?

is it UST,Ateneo,DLSU....?also describe each universities environment,social interactions,way of teachings

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    Each university has its specialization. As there are several universities in the country, will simply discuss the ones that you mentioned plus the University of the Philippines.

    *University of Santo Tomas specializes in Medicine and Nursing.

    -Environment: The Dominican priests play a big role in enforcing the rules, although they will respect different religions.

    -Social interaction: Conformity is usually the norm.

    -Way of Teaching: the professors are (usually) correct, even if proven otherwise.

    *Ateneo de Manila University specializes in Business.

    -Environment: Run by Jesuit priests, other religions respected.

    -Social interaction: Individualism and free thinking is encouraged.

    -Way of teaching: If you wish to delve into Philosophy, a Jesuit priest will take you to the depths and heights of Philosophy.

    *De La Salle University specializes in Business

    -Environment: run by De La Salle Brothers, a group of religious lay people.

    -Social Interaction: Two groups: the Haves and Have-nots.

    -Way of Teaching: Trimestral. One finishes the course faster compared to other schools.

    *University of the Philippines specializes in Nationalism, Agriculture (UPLB) and Medicine (UP Manila).

    -Environment: run by the government with the participation of the private sector.

    -Social interaction: Free speech is encouraged, and individuality as well.

    -Way of teaching: Hands-on, with plenty of research.

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    UP, Ateneo and DLSU, and more recently the University of Asia and the Pacific, all have their strengths. But by international standards UP still ends up on top. Ateneo education is not very specialised because of their emphasis on Theology and Philosophy and liberal arts, DLSU has reputable business, medical, and IT departments. UP has the largest list of fields and has the most university campuses within the country. I guess if you pay each one a visit and ask its seniors and faculty they will be honest enough to give you a fair impression of their school.

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    tranquil is spot-on with the descriptions of each of the "big 4" schools. (i would add that the ateneo is also strong in the humanities and liberal arts).

    the question is not so much which one is the best, but should be more about which one is the best FOR YOU -- what program of study you're pursuing vis-a-vis the school's traditional strength in that particular program. everything else is kinda superfluous, i.e., social interaction (filipinos are a very sociable bunch), way of teaching (it's pretty much the same everywhere -- quality differs though), etc, etc.

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    If you are looking at them academically, it depends on your area of study.

    UP - Sciences like medicine, math, chemistry


    UST-The arts, architecture and they are also one of the best in Medicine

    DLSU-Business courses, if you want double bachelors degree and they are also good in the arts and pre-med courses.

    If you are looking at the "environment"

    The best would be DLSU ;-)

    DLSU- airconditioned classrooms, nice and cool people and faculty.

    UP- lots of greens (nature, trees, plants), you can find more radical/unconventional students here

    UST- extreme students like half are down to earth and friendly and half snobs (if you dont pass their standards)


    These are from my experience so...

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    As an American, I'd rate them as:

    Ateneo - excellent school with Catholic religious background.

    U.P. - again good school, (and only from what I read in the papers), liberal. The others I know nothing about. I wish that the Philippines had an approval department for colleges and universities. There are so many, and many are not worth sh*t.

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    i agree with tranquil..... but i'd choose la salle eventhough i'm in ust because la salle i well known but if you're talking about making friends...i'd suggest ust and it depends on which course you're taking...if it's law choose ateneo....medicine...ust and up....ccounting...ust and dlsu

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    My school is the best UP!

    UP is the best in fine arts too!

    UP is the best place where you can find people of different beliefs, lifestyles, culture, etc...

    Trees make the air smell like leaves.

    Mornings are refreshing.

    You can choose your own schedule.

    Online pre-enlistment.

    Latern Parade.

    Concerts, gigs, movie screenings...

    Being in UP is like being a character on "Choose Your Own Adventure" books.


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    All of those universities you listed are good and standard of teachings are good also. Social interaction depends highly on you, Pilipinos in general are very tolerable people.

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    Please give the award to "tranquil". She's exactly right.

    My mom graduated from University of Santo Tomas; it was basically her ticket to America... as a nurse.

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    I say that its not how the school is, its how of the student is... So whatever school you choose wether good or bad, it depends on you!

    Not all school is perfect so Goodluck!!!

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