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RES Turtle Supplies?

tomorrow im going to go buy a stronger lamp and some plants for my turtle. i read on this one site the you should put "Cuttle Bone" in the tank, and it somehow helps the turtle, so i might be getting some of that too. what else would be helpful for my turtle?

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    I currently have a 125 gallon turtle tank set up with 3 pairs of red eared slider and a mating pair of stink pot turtles. I have 2 heat lamps, 2 UVB bulbs, And 4 fish tank bulbs as lighting. The tank is seperated with a 1/4 of the tank being rock ( the tank is 6 feet long). and I have about 90 gallons of water in the tank for them to swim in. I run a fluval 403 as a filter and change out all the water and clean the rocks once a month. If you want to see pictures let me know and I'll send some for you.

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    You should get a "run-way" that can go up out of the water and on top you would have a lamp so it can lay there. In the water you should have some type of heater for the water because the lamp will not be strong enough to warm the water.

    Hope that this helped!

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    hey I had this challenge after I lived in Mexico. My turtle lighting fixtures burned out and their shells began to get a lot less and a lot less healthful. I discovered some strong activities inspite of the indisputable fact that. first of all our dairy products are literally not strong for them. they are going to fall ill and that isn't any interesting. I realized that you'll feed them Cuttle bone. it truly is basic to locate at any community puppy keep or perhaps on-line. Cuttle bone is the stuff that birds have on the aspect of their tank, The white feather formed component. it truly is loaded with calcium and is powerful for your turtles. you may also get nutrition D in a airborne dirt and mud form. it truly is likewise noted as calcium airborne dirt and mud and merely placed it on their food. so some distance as UVB you may placed your turtles in a kiddie pool outdoors and they receives organic UVB that way. in case you imagine it truly is merely too chilly merely placed heated water contained in the pool, compared to boiling or over 80 degrees Fahrenheit yet warmth. even as the water drops lower than sixty 8 then take them lower back interior. also ascertain they have an area the position they could get out and punctiliously dry off. i imagine that you'll easily purchase UVB bulbs and lamps that is shipped to Belize from the U. S. or Europe. you actually favor to look.

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    It depends what turtle you have if you have one that stays in water, put pebbles and the type of food you should put is dry shrimps. You could put also some fruits like grapes. If it doesnt like that put some turtle sticks.

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    they are commonly seen basking on rocks, logs, or other surfaces above the some rocks would be real nice..

    my little fellows (Nemo and Crush) love basking in the afternoon sunlight in their tank.

    It is usually best to avoid plastic plants, as the turtle may attempt to eat them !

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    a place in the sun to bask

    both water and land .plenty of food and companions

    i got about 20 riverturtles

    here are some pictures of some

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