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What percentage of the illegal aliens coming over here from Mexico are really starving?

or is this just a made up thing they look fat on the news when they show they climbing over the fence big bellies come from somewhere, So at what point is the,,,"need a better life thing become a joke" how about want to get the hell out of Mexico and screw this country for eveerything it's worth while having more babies than anyone else in the country,,,that sounds more accurate

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    I am sure they are starving. BUT they need to take their country back not overtake mine.

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    Have you ever been to Mexico?

    They have their rich, their middle classes and their poor - The rich get their visas and passports, the middle class keep working and living and the poor just run away to look for a better life. They don't have the means to live there and think they can find the means in another country because their own government won't lift a finger to help them.

    Why don't American help resources send food and care packages to the starving in Mexico like we do to the starving in other countries?? Maybe that would give them enough help to keep them there!?

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    Everyone of the illegals are starving--- for a piece of the American dream and our government is doing little if anything to slow them down. The dream will be gone for all of us law abiding Americans. Why have immigration laws if no one cares to enforce them? Maybe we should forget about the laws, especially the ones that do not advance the politcians agendas. The Democrats will give them social security benefits, housing assistance and many other perks for their vote, which they will gladly give. The Republcans want them to work in sweat shops for less than minimum wage and don't care about votes, only money. Neither party represents the average person. All of our grandchildren, unless they are illegal, will suffer greatly. And no politician is smart enough or cares enough to realize the long-range ramifications. We are screwed!

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    Excellent question. None of them are actually starving, except for a piece of the pie, which they do not deserve!

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  • Pamela
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    Obviously you've never BEEN to Mexico. I have. Just go. Check it out for yourself. Then come back here and spout off some real knowledge. The garbage you're dishing out right now is so far from accurate it doesn't deserve a real answer.

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    Hey Eddy:

    Just because we don't agree with illegal immigration doesn't make us haters.

    I love it when people think they actually WIN an argument by playing the "hater" card.


    Geez. come back when you can express an opinion without whining.

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    actually you're right.

    They are not starving, in fact, obesity is on the rise

    Food grows on trees you know, and comes from chickens, gardens etc.

    Its money that doesnt grow on trees.

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    that's about it! we have just as many starving and hungry families that are citizens and these cowards are taking away from our citizens who need help!!!!

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    population in countries poorer than mexico: 4,900 million.

    Eddy, it never hurts to research an answer...........

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    Wahahaha funny question! I say 99.9%.

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