can this be some sort of virus?

In my program files there is a folder named xerox and inside there is another folder named nwwia there is nothing else but that folder, the size is 0 bytes yet when i try to delete it i get a message saying it is being used by another program what is there to be used? how do i get rid of this. please help if you have experienced this before.

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    No its not a virus anyone runniing xp has it...

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    Better to be on safeside. You may be having a virus or spyware installed on your PC. You insatll a standard antivirus soft ware such as Norton, AVG , Avast ( free antivirus software and Ad-aware, Ewido ( free spyware removers). You can download free softwares at and

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    nope, it's a system file. but, if you have a virus, it may be infected. go to and donwload avg free edition virus scan program, and spybot s&d by activeweb, and adaware for full protection. you'll get really good protection out of all three programs, and once you've downloaded them, check for updates on each one, and run each one twice. then, do a disk clean up on your system, then defrag, and restart your pc. trust me, this is all worth it.

    good luck!!!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Nothing to worry about. I have the same on my freshly installed WinXP SP2 machine. Now you can enjoy your New Years eve celebration with peace of mind!

  • 1 decade ago

    if you just randomly found it prolly not.

    Ya gotta rember that there are tons of hidden files on your computer and they are hidden to reduce cludder and prevent you from accidently deleteing them. that and i think thats a basic windows file anyways

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    Pls follow the link and read the pdf file. you will get cleared

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    spysweeper or norton antivirus.

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